Thumping Thursday

Wrote a big letter to my mp, which I’ve never done before. He is a pure tory scumbag though so expect nothing. Its about reconsidering the lifting of the restrictions on July 19th :smiling_face_with_tear:

quite a bit hungover today, had to go to the cafe across the street and get some emergency breakfast.

just had my week off confirmed for next week, need to start thinking of some good stuff to do. :thinking:

if you don’t do it, i will

nodding jack nicholson

Morning Slicky, all,

Feeling a bit rough this morning, not normally fussed about football but Mr s_w was watching it and was on the beers so I joined in. Oops.

Had some porridge and just about to have my 2nd mug of coffee and catching up on emails from being in training/off y’day (wfh as usual).

Meeting my friend at lunch time for a coffee & walk so that’ll be nice.

Also my hair is really soft & shiny from the hairdressers. I wish it would stay like this forever :smiley:


I started one the other week and just categorised as NSFW but I’m not sure if that was right or not TBH

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I’m really tired and this week feels about 8 days long already.

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expecting delivery today of a new jacket and belt, so that’s exciting. :slight_smile:

is it ok if i eat my lunch right now? y/n

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Might have pancakes

Zzzzzz. Setup on the breakfast bar for WFH with my new barstools. Quite uncomfortable for my back as my wife warned they would be but will obviously just stay here and mention how comfortable they are periodically so that it doesn’t look like a poorly thought out idea…

Normally at this stage of the week I’m looking forward to the weekend, but I’ve just realised that I’ve got no plans whatsoever. The weather on saturday looks a bit rubbish too.

Did the forum ever decide on a protocol? I remember some chat about privacy and the filth threads, and NSFW came up in connection with (I think) the selfie threads as a way of keeping it to registered users and off the email bulletin, but the filth threads as such have fallen away recently so I might be remembering it wrong.

currently trying to balance gang vocals for a two-man two-woman band and it’s surprisingly hard to get it right. gonna sound right good once we’ve cracked it tho


Nailed it


I don’t feel politically informed enough to say whether this article stands up to detailed scrutiny but even faintly left-wing players are rare in Britain…
Socrates is the usual go-to for left-leaning footballer chat but I suspect that’s got as much to do with his role in Brazil’s 1982 team than his views on seizing the means of production.

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only a matter of time. will do a big reveal in finals press conference

Just needs a bit of whippy cream and you’ve got yourself a damn fine breakfast, there :blush:

Not really a big whip cream fan, some vanilla ice cream for the full 80s little chef experience would have been good

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Vanilla ice-cream would indeed be excellent, also!

We have a tub of Kellys Clotted Cream vanilla ice-cream in the freezer and it is fucking delicious