Thundercat - 'It Is What It Is' - 03.04.2020

Only listened to Drunk once so far but it’s pretty much exactly what I want from a Thundercat album; psychedelic sounds, mad jazz-fusion bass ministrations and the hauntingly daft lyrics of a man too close to understanding the absurdity of it all to focus overlong on the sadness. And there is sadness, all through his music. He just knows laughing is the best way to defeat it. Meow.

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Amazing how a song about wanting to be a cat can be so good


Come on guys this album is a fkn classic

Right chaps, never heard of the guy before today but Heartbreaks + Setbacks just came up on Spotify and I thought it was absolutely gorgeous, so where should I go from here?

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Check out this mini LP. It’s a nice mix of his different styles, from funky to meditative.

The album ‘Heartbreaks + Setbacks’ is from, Apocalypse, is the first thing I heard by him and you could probably dive right into that afterwards!


Great cover.

Shite music.

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It is still probably my favourite song of the decade

Really loving this, cheers Kallgeese!

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Bought this the other day it’s a lot of fun get’s a little self indulgent at points but on the whole incredibly consistent which given the fact that it’s 23 tracks long is quite remarkable. Love the wry humour on tracks like Friend Zone too.

New single is mint init.

I think the one thing that had always held me back with Thundercat is that ever since hearing Oh Sheit It’s X and then Friend Zone, I just want him to do a balls-to-the-wall, tight as fuck funk record. Let’s see how this one pans out.


Looking forward to hearing the new album. Big fan of ‘Drunk’ and his exceptional musicianship. That fella knows how to write a hook.


Not directly Thundercat but I think people will like this

This might be my favourite music video of all time

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It is what it is?
Had no idea thundercat was welsh

Damn, Stephen really slimmed down. Dude looks great, even in a Dragonball Durag.
Also, Este Haim at the end there… bass calls to bass.


Even if he’s covered in cat hair

Happy to report this album is a great trip as usual. Not quite Drunk great but still very good all the same