Thureveningthread feat. fancy dress

Hey pals.

How is your Thursday evening looking? I am already a little drunk.

In London for Kiss. Here’s a picture of me at Butlins dressed as a budget Paul Stanley to celebrate. Unfortunately it’s too hot for me to do makeup today and I’d just sweat it in to my t shirt.

What’s the best fancy dress you’ve ever done?

Are you doing something fun tonight?


Aw you look like a glam badger :heart_eyes:


early :rotating_light:

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That would 100% be my Kiss alter-ego.

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Great effort!

I’m standing for two hours on a train to Bristol cause I missed my connection and lost my reservation :cry:. When I eventually arrive I will be heading to the nearest place for dinner and then writing a report and prepping for tomorrow. I’ve had better Thursdays.

Actually not as good as my policeman from the Village People where I squeezed into some size 10 women’s trousers for it, but thankfully that was just pre-Facebook.

Lasagna’s in the oven. I’m too hot.


Sacked off my plans and have come home and had a KFC and I’m about to watch the Lego Movie 2

Needed an evening like this

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Thursday so still at work for another 2 hours :cry:

Best fancy dress is the time I did a zombie mummy monster type thing which involved painting my entire body in green and doing sexy bandage covering

Hello friends
Sick of this weather. Overcast and humid? Make up your mind!!!
Had a really productive day, then therapy (made him laugh a lot and then felt all smug like jez, thinking “I’m great at this. He likes me. I’m doing great therapy”), then waltzed out of there and straight into a place to get my nose pierced, but the person who does it wasn’t there so I’ll go back tomorrow.
Glad I meal prepped a load of healthy stuff cause now I’m feeling a big ol’ case of the c, b and as


The buns are an excellent touch.

I’m hacking my vita, it’s pretty enjoyable in a nerdy sort of way

I had to keep putting them in the freezer to stop them disintegrating.


GF just told me she hates Captain Beefheart’s voice, could be cause for a break up.

Apologies for the music content…

I won a mug (that’s still at the family home) for a robot costume when I was about 7. But in terms of post-Facebook costumes, maybe Napoleon Dynamite (bit shit but might brighten your evening)


I’ve had a smoothie, a sandwich and a kfc today and I feel like an utter pig. That shows how far I’ve come, I’d have considered this a pretty average day six months ago :smiley:

My best fancy dress…

Wouldn’t dress up as a religious person now that I’m woke af, but we did nail the outfit imho


just finished the main series of Neon Genesis Evangelion and I feel all over the shop. think I’ll leave watching the film for a few days. the exploration of the self in said show both chimed with and possibly made worse my current unmoored state of mind.

there was some brilliant thunder outside at pivotal moments, though.

planning on trying to do [some stuff] before footy later, but I’m fed up of planning to do stuff and not doing it, so I don’t want to detail it.

the one person I wish I could see more than any other texted today saying she doesn’t know when she’ll be free or up for seeing me because she’s not thinking beyond the next few weeks right now. she does seem to care about me, but is also keeping me at a distance. I really have no idea anymore and it’s too difficult to try and understand.

I was in a comfortably dissociated place last night. would like to feel that way again. free of all desire. no need for anything from anyone.

Cannot like this enough.

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Feel awful still, extremely dizzy and heavy like i’ve been day-drinking.

But still, at least I once dressed up as a zombie Amy Winehouse.


Went to where the chip van goes, chip van wasn’t fucking there. Bumped into my dad who was having the same issue so we drove to the nearest town to get fish n chips (photo to be posted in the appropriate thread). Watching Judge Judy and stuffing my face.

Best and only fancy dress that isn’t ‘undercover cop’ or just me in a suit, from 2004/5