Thureveningthread feat. fancy dress



always loved the guy that just danced in this band

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brandywine bridge. 20 miles.

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adjusts glasses

He spent thousands of years intimidating their kings and warlords until they were freely or unfreely worshipping him as a god.

One of the ringwraiths was a major king, so he had big sway over them too. He would have used similar tactics to when he tried to tempt King Dain and King Bran at the lonely mountain / esgaroth into betraying Bilbo by offering a ring of power, jewels, peace agreement, money etc …then just ithreatening war.

He also had human agents from the harad based pirate city, ‘Umbar’, who attacked the Fiefdoms (in the films they were attacked by the army of the dead, but in the books the AotD attacked these ships near a city called pelagir which freed up the fiefdoms to sail over and help Gondor and the grey company, who also werent in the films) - the mouth of sauron was a senior member of these.

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“I’ve written this HI NRG dance album but don’t think the world is ready for a monkey assassin pop star - could you do some versions with an acoustic guitar to test the water?”

oooft. the episodes just after them are intense, too. 21, tho… let me know when you’ve watched that one!

and thank you. funny timing, watching NGE at the same time, knowing a bit about what the creator of it was going through at the time.

was noel’s hq viral marketing for a black mirror episode that never happened

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This is on my Netflix list

Have almost no idea what to expect but I am intrigued by it

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I would say that any initial “ffs Japan” bits are minimal and worth pushing through; by and large, it’s fascinating and beautiful.

dude was an animator for Studio Ghibli beforehand, and was going through some rough mh shit that the show was effectively a conduit for.

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Just popping back in to say I finished the series + the movie tonight and…ooft. It’s a lot to take in!

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read somebody describe the film as “one of the most brutal psychic assaults on an audience [he’d] ever seen”

which… yep! bit like Fire Walk With Me in a way.

just staggering.