ThurFilThre What is the largest number of people that you have slept (SEX) with in a single space?


Uni Halls bed - 6


please elaborate




no mention of time frame. I slept with 6 people in my bed, each in one-on-one fashion, over the course of my 10 months or so in Uni Halls.


Yep, one as well.


To clarify, these people don’t have to be at the same time c_c_b and twinks, you are welcome to amend your answers if required


It’s a draw!

Uni Halls bed - 3
My old bedroom at parent’s gaff - 3



No, it’s still one. Previous sexual partners have (a) low in number and (b) spread out over a considerable time period


Current house - 7

(I think)


Current house - 5.




you dog!

  1. so me and 2.

6 - 4 guys, 2 girls.

probably about 19-20 y/o at the time. the second scenario was really weird


not sure where the 1 came from. 2






I never bang in the same place twice. It’s a big world, got to keep moving.



dont think I’ve shagged two people in the same bed on separate occasions


That’s me!