Thurmorn - windsday

Seen 3 overturned lorries on the road already this morning. Stay safe out there guys.

Morning @thewarn

I’m safety at the kitchen table, and not planning to leave the flat for sometime yet.

I guess that’s why they call it the blues is on the radio. It’s a good song.

wind knocked my recycling bin over, not sure it gets much worse than that :-1:

Just getting ready for w- … argh!


Woke up early to some massive storm (wind only) and was wondering how on Earth I was going to cycle in that. Seems really calm now which is a bit weird. Average, nondescript day ahead.

Only road out of village was closed so working from home (after paying a ton of money to rearrange my sofa delivery urgh). Apparently it’s just reopened but

TRAVEL Hazardous driving conditions due to ice & snow on A171 Birk Brow Hill in both directions.The road was previously closed but is now passable with great care. There are also several large lorries in roadside ditches.

Yeah, don’t think I’m going to attempt it. Probably just as bad over in Richmond. Dog is absolutely loving it at least.

Morning thewarn et al,

It was blowing a gale this morning in the bathroom as the sky light had blown open.

Anyone want to do some babysitting for me today? Got a cold and feeling very depleted, need sleep.

Yep - karaoke in the car for me this morning.
Best chorus of any Elton John song

Just a shocking night’s sleep due to the wind (phnarr etc).

Fence blew down in the night. Everything else seems to be in order.

Morning all.

I quite enjoy late starts at midday but very much not enjoying the 8:30 finishes. Knackered all the time.

Slept straight through last night which is rare coz I live on a street with loads of bars and clubs, and the takeaway backs onto our yard so they’re normally shouting at each other at 4am closing up.

Had one too many last night. Last one was really nice but can’t remember the name of it.

Didn’t notice the wind.

Wind seems to have died down a little bit here. Am on the train; Great Northern website said that there’d be rail replacement buses til 11.30 but things seem to be running as normal. We shall see.

Nice to see a bit of sunshine, mind :sunny:

Morning all.

After yesterday’s telling off for a messy desk, I spent this morning clearing it entirely. All that’s left is the power supply to my Surface. Properly needlessly defensive move, but I don’t care.

So, random question, who’s been sacked before and how does it feel?

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that line about “rolling like thunder under the covers” unsettles me a bit

I either think about Elton getting it on, or Elton unleashing a dutch oven. Neither is a very pleasant thought

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For extra irkage make sure you email your manager any time anyone’s desk has literally anything on.

Obviously it’ll mark you down as a petty vindictive idiot so your career will be over, but what’s be more important?


Weird mixture of ‘oh fuck’ and ‘thank fuck’


one of mine has gone missing - that’s worse than that . Check your #binprivilege

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Aye, wind kept waking me up too the blowy prick

Quite warm in Cork and not windy at all. This is what we get from being next to the Gulf Stream, YEEEEAH!

Going to be an average day in work, bar a meeting later. Got paid so really looking forward to picking up a new beard trimmer after work, along with a record or two.