Thurrrrrrrsday night

Alright kids,

I’m off to see a slimmed down British Sea Power tonight (renamed BSP3 for the occasion). Whatcha up to?

Enjoy. Do love a BSP gig. I’m at work until 8.30. made a lentil cottage pie earlier, so have that for tea and then going to go to bed.

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Sooo, getting a mega burger in my hotel then working and Masterchef. That’s about all :woman_shrugging:

It’s been nearly eight years since I last saw them, so I’m looking forward to it. It’s over in Lewes too, so that’ll make a nice change. The supports are a brass band (typical British Sea Power), Tom White from Electric Soft Parade doing his ambient drone thing and a Pete Wiggs from Saint Etienne DJ set. Should be a great night out.


I read that as mischief not masterchef.

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Saw them a lot around Open Season and DYLRM?, normally supported by Brakes, Eamon Hamilton, ESP or members of each smooshed together

Some records I bought from Rough Trade (Snapped Ankles and Stef Chura - which was only a tenner!) turned up in the post, which is nice, but other I’m feeling prrrrrretty terrible, not gonna lie.

In a football stadium, watching EDM, for Charity


Making fajitas, will continue to watch ‘The Sopranos’, will do the washing up while listening to Mahavishnu Orchestra.

On my own with 58 000 people & DiS


Thanks for the birthday messages :blush:

Got home from work, opened some wrappeds, bet meself i could solder a Red Llama fuzz quicker than @Gnometorious could get ready, tested said fuzz and am just waitinf for gnome’s sis to arrive while she gets ready. Good day, all said. Right up for aome local Indian, roumd about now.


can’t stand reading political twitter anymore so rushed out and bought a bottle of wine.

Haven’t had wine for years, it’s so nice!

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happy birthday you are a great guy


Who’s playing there BITT?

Happy birthday ma man, hope you’re having a lovely day :grinning::+1::beers:


HB Avery


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What you got?

I know fuck all about wine only that I like cabernet sauvignon so I always get one of those, it’s a blossom hill one