Thurrrrrrrsday night

Cabernet sauvignon is nice. I might make a rolling wine/spirits thread actually.


find wine relaxes me almost instantly, it’s very strange. Don’t get that feeling from beer cider or whiskey


Stronger than beer or cider innit.

yeah, not in a nasty way like spirits

Guetta is about to take to the stage

Only if you’re drinking the wrong spirits.


I’ve been to see a stage production of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory. It was pretty good, the Oompa Loompas were great, and for the first time in my life I felt attracted to Willy Wonka (it’s obviously a very family friendly show though, don’t worry).

Trying to decide on what to cook for din-dins now.

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Anyone DiS might have heard of nearby?

I’ve had some very nice whiskeys before but to be honest they’re all very overpowering. Good for getting fucked up but I wouldn’t drink whiskey to relax

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See I’m the opposite. I’d never drink loads of whiskey to get hammered but one or two of an evening is very relaxing.

different kind of drunk, whiskey gets you drunk in the front of your face first, whereas wine gets you drunk in the back of your head first.


Cider gets you drunk in your bowels first.


Gonna split soon and go to the work Christmas do & then (if there’s time) go to the oldest restaurant in Sweden and see a secret First Aid Kit acoustic set

I expect DiS have heard of Guetta & Rita Ora though

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Fucking Hell. Not a looker in the bunch.


oh btw thank you for always being positive and engaged on here with people!

I’m sorry we used to get into arguments


Yeah, it’s very


Kind of love how shit Guetta is.

Haha I’m not always positive, but I try!
Arguments are fine I think within reason, just comes down to how you handle it afterwards I reckon.

He’s very very shit

watching one of the shittest films I’ve ever seen. 10k bc.