Thurrrrrsday Thrrrrread

Good morning you lovely bunch

How’s it going?

Just had some nice rhubarb porridge, probably the highlight of the day done with early for me.

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Good morning. I would like to take today as a sick day but I’ve got too much work to do, so that’s good. Going to work from bed, have two lunches etc to get through.

Oh, also have a reserved library book to pick up for R if it isn’t raining too heavily. They don’t tell you which book it is with the notification so it is a mystery. I’m hoping for Oi Puppies, R is holding out for it being Robot Rumpus.



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This sounds like a win win


My train is delayed, as long as it dont follow through to the return journey, I’m golden


Day 3647484 of my cough / cold hybrid that just won’t go away. At least can WFH tomorrow.

Going to a Drag Race viewing party tonight, nothing further to report.


Alright champs. On the late tonight, so don’t need to start until 12.30, but will get there earlier as I have some bits to do. Having some good playtime this morning. My wife may have put the kibosh on the Belgium trip. Boooooo

morning fl &etc

last day before payday and just managed to make it I think - which is ridiculous really given my employment status but there you go (mad that an unexpected flurry of downloads on my bandcamp was the difference between being able to feed the kids yesterday & today and them having to go hungry)

wfh this morning, couple of meetings at the office after lunch

not liking the fact that I seem to be developing a cold or sinusy thing - fortunately a UK friend sent me some Max Strength Lemsip

Prequel to Oi Dog?

Morning FL, all,

i’m feeling a bit grumpy and slow today, having got less than 5 hours sleep last night, which is highly unorthodox for an experienced sleeper like me. Just had a right decent cup of tea though, and I’ve been let into a top secret select group of people who know about an extra stash of coffee in the kitchen, so things are getting better.

Going to show some willing today and sit in on some annual sales planning sessions this morning, before sneaking out at lunch, avoiding the free lunch, for fear of having to make sales related small talk (one of my least favourites of one of my least favourites) and hopefully get home well before I’m meant to.

Finally, and also most excitingly, I don’t think I’m along in going to see Self Esteem in Brixton tonight, so be on the lookout for that, anyone else who’s going. Yippee!

Going to wash my porridge bowl now and make a coffee.


Morning all!

I’m not sure if I’m still recovering from being ill or just getting my Seasonal feeling of weirdness in early but I’m tired and a bit grumpy. I also have too much work to do.

Forget I’m on a training course this morning but annoyed I didn’t just cancel my class this afternoon.

I really hate this time of year and I don’t even have a tasty lunch or tea to look forward to because I’m at work until 9.30.

Morning all :wave:

Am on training today, and then on leave tomorrow! :partying_face:

Of course this means that I have a fuckload to do in the time before the course starts, after it finishes, and probably on the lunch break. But today’s my Friday woo lol

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Off sick.

Seems like a sequel, Dog has to get the unruly puppies all in order or something.

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GWS Shucks

Also all the other under the weather folk x


I’m going to see Daughters tonight, in an old abattoir. Can’t flipping wait.

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Off work as flying to Lanzarote early tomorrow.

Meeting a pal in Leeds for food and a couple of drinks. Not sure where to go for food.

Manning the office solo today


it’s a newbike day for me today

nothing else to report