Thurrrsday: evening

I know I started the daily thread, but as none of you slackers started the evening thread yet I thought I’d get the ball rolling on that too, or are we not into separate evening threads anymore?

Anything good for tea? We had over bought party food stuff so had some more of that after a few days off of it.

Was fairly productive today which feels nice. After finishing my book yesterday and starting a nee one I will probably be finishing the new one tonight. Helps it is only 70 small pages, but still.


Evening fl. Went shopping so had yo sushi for dinner (squid, takoyaki, edamame, mochi). Watching Uni Challenge before the big game comes on. In a bit of agony as I have an eye infection and it feels like something is in my eyeball.

Hello FL, laels, everyone else.

Going to sit in bed and try and get my Ferencvaros side firing on FM18. Looking like a silly move giving up my all conquering (apart from in Europe) Vitebsk side for a new challenge in Hungary. Tactics aren’t bedding inh.

Anyhoo. Aside from that, not hungry at the mo. Might stick the football on the radio.


That sounds incredibly unpleasant, hope it clears up soon :crossed_fingers:

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Made leek and mushroom risotto with fried sage (doesn’t really work, but had some to use, so it’s gone in). Fancy a beer, not having a beer. Luther later, cba with anything else.

Evening FL, evening everybody. The cat is very comfy on my lap and I should move her so I can go to watch football but


Jesus Christ it’s cold.
Managed to miss both my yoga class times this evening cause I got home too late for the first one then needed to eat and missed the second one!

Gonna have a stinking hot bath instead #selfcare


Finished my work thing and submitted it! So that’s good, but why is it SO hard to pick back up after the xmas holidays? Always much worse than after the summer break. Probably cause everything’s dark and depressing I guess :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

Mentally preparing myself to put on some warm clothes and go outside for a bit as I am in desperate need of some fresh air.

Evening all.

Had a jacket spud and salad with a bit of chicken for dinner while finally, finally watching Godless. Good start, looking forward to seeing where it goes.

Now I’m watching the football with a herbal tea like a good dry January boy.

Hope you’re all well.

Oh and @moderators could you remove the French flag from my username thing when you have a moment please? I think I’ve lorded it up as champion of the world long enough.

Hey up everyone.

Watching the big match obvs. Got FinLaw round again who didn’t take the hint so is still here despite me and MrS wanting a wine with the game. Better make tea in a minute I expect then…

Want o go somewhere good in the last few days of Xmas hols…any recommendations?. Got to be drivable in hour or so from me, so from Bath area.

Oh and @moderators I still have a Morocco flag which despite my liking for tagine and star wars should prob go now


Posted a picture of my tea in the daytime thread like a noob.

I’m watching Daddy’s Home 2 but I’ve just remembered I need to complete a job application before tomorrow.

Just ordered some more chai cause that one @scout sent me is so bloody nice.
Got some for my friend too :two_hearts:

Feeling so wholesome tonight???


They work fast them @moderators don’t they? Cheers guys!


They might currently be looking for things to distract them.


Having these thoughts too, as R isn’t back at preschool until next Thursday I was wondering if child-friendly places might be a bit quieter next week for some sort of day out. Really don’t know what to do, which is bad as a decent chunk of London is theoretically on the table (well, stuff in the circle, district or maybe jubilee lines).

If they need me to start a flurry of libellous threads, each one more outrageous than the last, I’m happy to oblige.

Urgh. My mother doesn’t understand WhatsApp. This is about the third time in a month she’s said HAVE I GOT EVERYONE’S ATTENTION on our family chat. The other times it was some boring house move news.

This time? She’s just found out she’s got a half sister she never knew about :grimacing:

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Next week will deffo be quieter as all schools are back.

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