Thurrrsday: evening

I’m worried that I’m shit at my job

Dinner was wicked tho so swings and roundabouts

watching the football in the flat. Wasnt going to at first but have since decided to have a beer.

Back in London. Done two loads of laundry and some food shopping. Absolutely freezing. Have about fifteen beers in the house, none of them are milk stouts, really want a milk stout.

Want to go out running tomorrow morning but my weather app says it’s going to be -1 at 6am so there’s literally no chance of me getting out of bed, I shouldn’t even pretend there is.

Gonna be colder here than in Edinburgh ffs

At least yours can keep one group chat going. Bfs mum starts a new group every time she wants to invite us to dinner or to the pub. I have about 15 chats named “family”


My mum still signs off every message with ‘mum’. Yes I got that.



Salisbury? You could probably get some pretty cheap hotel rooms right now.

Hmmm. Not planning to stay but Salisbury is a good shout. See the cathedral and, um, whatever else. Some sort of arch if I remember rightly.

I’ve burned my whole mouth by shovelling hot food into my mouth like the impatient gannet that I am. Had leftover curries for dinner (beetroot and chickpea/pumpkin and black bean) and waiting for Luther even though I woke up at 3am scared last night thanks to yesterday’s episode.


I have never watched Luther. Will I need to have seen the previous seasons to understand this one?

I aske this and apparently not. Although to understand the complexities of relationships then yes.

anthony fantano has hair now

Never been a big fan of curry, but those sound like very tasty combinations and it is making me hungry again.

I don’t think so, it’s been years since the previous series and I have a terrible memory - they also do occasional recaps. I would recommend going back and watching previous series anyway as I reckon they are worth a binge. It’s ridiculous nonsense really, but enjoyable nonsense!

They were decent! Always love a leftover. Beetroot cuzza is from DiS fave Green Roasting Tin and I think the pumpkin one was a Meera Sodha :yum:


Thanks, and @Slicky

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Yes. Glad you like it. I get the 1kg bag now as I panic about it running out. I might try her other flavours as they stop them in a local cafe and I’ll report back.

I have that book! Haven’t cooked from it yet, will look up that recipe, thanks :slight_smile:

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my dad signs texts to me with his name - not even ‘dad’


oh cool. have avoided this one so far because i can’t remember a single thing about it other than idris elba is a copper