Thurrrsday: evening

I took M to a good place when I was in London. It had a Julia Donaldson exhibition on doubt it’s still on now but it seema a good play placr regardless. Can’t remember where it was. There was a giant red thing nearby like a giant bungee rope or viewing platform?

Ah it is still on. You have to book online for it as it can get busy but it’s limited numbers per session so never too busy.

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Wahaca fans - you can get a dish for £1 in January if you sign up using this link


I’ve still never been. Does this mean I end up with 2 mains though or are they small dishes?

It’s luthering time

No the dishes on offer are ‘street food’ or dare I say it ‘tapas style’. I normally get 2 or 3. The sweet potato and feta dish is part of the offer and that’s the best one.

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Oh cool. Maybe I’ll go tomorrow though I am trying to lose weight. Could skip breakfast and treat myself.

This looks cool and is on the perfect side of London for us! Thanks for the tip, will get theat booked up tomorrow. Website says Jim Field was involved with designing it :heart_eyes:

I actually really dislike Julia Donaldson so not fussed about the exhibit

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@laelfy spiced onions are well peng. I’ve never seen them in Brexitania before, might try and introduce them to London.

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The non-exhibition bit is a nice little room. Not very big but there’s an upstairs I almost missed too. As far as I know you don’t need to book that part of it.

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Fucking love spiced onions :+1:

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what do you put on poppadoms then?

English equivalent is an ‘onion salad’ that comes in bags

Had a friend over earlier who I fed nutella sandwiches to and she sat through Frozen 1.5 times. What a great host.

Going to watch some more You and do my hair for my return to the office tomorrow.

I saw she has some kind of rose latte! I bet that’s well nice as I love rose but not sure how often I’d drink it.

I’m wondering how I can make it iced? Cause I love iced chai. I could probably just put it in my iced tea thing and leave it over night to infuse with the milk?

sometimes don’t realise how lucky we are


Barely knew 'er!

I’m so into their new bowls they do. Cause I love the green rice and beans but I need to order 3 cause they’re too small but now that big bowl comes with loads of the rice and the beans and loads of veg and a slaw and pickles and it’s a delight

Bloody love Wahaca. Best chain by miles.

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My guess is you might have to heat it then cool it, though might be worth a try to see if you can make it by infusing cold. Never had iced chai but it seems like a good idea.


I am going to need more information regarding these spiced onions

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