Or more like brrrrr-sday, if the forecast is to be believed.

Anything to report?

Alright FL. Gonna be late into work, but I’ve got a cuddle and a cuppa which is more than I usually get. Can feel today is going to be tough from a MH pov. 3 day weekend after today though, so just keeping that in that back of my mind.

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A cuddle is definitely a valid excuse for lateness, I hope the day isn’t as tough as anticipated for you, rich :crossed_fingers:


Finished work at 6. Did an insane leg workout at the gym… Pretty sure I’m not gonna be able to walk tomorrow… Bit of life admin and then sleep…

Also Got one of these lads, and it’s pretty good (vegan sausage roll)


Going on a four hour round trip on the train, to attend a meeting that might only last 20 minutes.



I’m on my sofa in a sleeping bag cos I slept here (got friends staying who are in my bed)

We went to Curry Leaf Cafe last night, was delicious as always

Back to work today, kids are back to school today. Oh well. I’m just going to work from home anyway

First date of 2019 tonight


Think I forgot to iron half of this shirt but I don’t care enough to do anything about it.


Ooh, might try and pick one of these up while I’m out though.

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Also I have a painful spot on the right hand side of my chin

Anywhere interesting that might make the trip more worthwhile?

How much does it compare to Pound Bakery’s veggie roll if you’ve had that?

Only a few more days left in Sydney now. Did the park for Jimbo this morning then went to the Powerhouse museum which is kind of like a cross between the Science and Design museums in a massive old warehouse, which was cool, then went for ice cream
Still around 30 degrees here - must be time for a cold beer soon.



:wave: CBA


I have songs from Numberblocks stuck in my head and my usual earworm exterminator is proving useless at getting rid of them.

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Pound bakery? Do they have those in London? (nope never tried one)

It tasted like the quorn sausage roll, but with much much better (crunchy and flaky) pastry. Also a lot less hench than the quorn sausage roll


I’m not at work but got up to dress The Child for nursery before Wor Lass took her in. I need to sort out my car - the stereo wouldn’t switch off last night and I think the battery will have gone overnight.

Possibly lunch and sales later.

No idea, though looks like they’re mainly northern based. Probably pretty similar though the Greggs one does look a lot bigger from memory.

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Tooth extraction day.


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Milton Keynes so, erm, probably not.

Curry leaf is the best

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