Morning all

Computer has been like this for the last ten minutes:

Might phone IT.


morning flashy, rich, bestcoffee, weebles, timmy, eps, sfs, robO, mwt, k-dog, milleniumJon, CCB and etc.

Back to work!

Cycled in though, which was wonderful, New panniers and back bike light are both great.

Already deleted all the emails received since 21st December from three different mailboxes. Must be hometime?



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Morning FL et Al

Got in early to mooch about the office early. It’s just too dark

Channelling my inner kik for lunch today:

(Look whos hiding under the banana)


are you planning to have that banana today or are you waiting until it goes yellow (and edible)?


That’s optimum banana colour


Back to work, skeleton crew though so shouldn’t be too horrendous. Headphones and approximately 18 cups of tea should get me through.


Rather one like this than a soft spotty one


It certainly is not. If this is what everyone thinks is an optimum banana colour then it’s no wonder I have trouble getting good bananas.

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Morning all.

First day back in work for me. In the interests of maintaining my New Year push for more positivity in my life that’s all I’m going to say on the matter.

I hope this banana discussion takes off though. I have high hopes for a big 'nana smackdown to carry me through the morning.

Hope you’re all well.

one of the original british 70s ITV wrestlers, wasn’t she?


Back to London today. Only three and a bit weeks left!!!

Gotta do laundry and food shopping later. I’d have dread about work tomorrow but that would require levels of engagement I’m not really capable of.

Also, ALSO, my housemate has organised a party for Sunday?!? Basically as we’re all being evicted at the end of January, and as he’s lived there like ten years and has a regular summer party in the nice courtyard, he’s decided to do one last one. Which I can understand, to an extent, but also in January and on a Sunday? Please no.

Team back to work (mini maggit)

Packed some Christmas cake for my mid-morning snack so life is not so bad.

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I set 'em up, you nail 'em with an elbow drop from the top turnbuckle.

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Off to back to Glasgow.

Got a date.

Might squeeze in one of those Gregg’s VG SR

I dont like bananas


Why am I back here? Did I learn nothing yesterday?

CBA lads. CBA.


¢ash Mon€y

First day back in the office. Christmas tree is still up FFS