Thurrsday Evening

Evening all. I’m eating at Eat at Bristol Airport. They’ve moved the 7:30 plane I normally get to 6:30 now which means I get home a bit earlier :+1:

What are you up to and more importantly what are you eating?

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Almost forgot, look at this genius


Hello Leafers! We’re watching the end of OJ Made In America and I might have a beer in a minute. The rheumatologist thinks I have chronic gout which is nice. Gonna have jacket potatoes for tea and try not to think about work tomorrow.

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no way did kiev leakage result in that bread which has clearly been toasted.


Afternoon, just ate beef stir fry Mrs NY made, delicious. Not much else to report. Might start on the beers soon.


Stop ruining the magic, I want to believe

= Daryl Bleeding Hannah

So it’s not just a clever name


What’s the remedy for gout?

she is blonde :laughing:

It’s true, you can eat at Eat

Allopurinol every day, naproxen when it flares up, less yeasty things like bread.


Already need 3 prescriptions per month between me and A so really can’t afford another so I guess gout it is!

Gonna open a library called Read


Or move to Scotland


It’s the TVs birthday tomorrow so I picked up her present. Caught the bus home as a Treat bit the traffic is so horrible I’d rather walk the two miles :sweat_smile:

Going to a pub quiz tonight. The specialist rounds are golf and harry potter so we’re fucked

Might confuse some people though, like they’d just spend ages looking at the sign and get mowed down or something. Oh well.
Beer, crisps and then dinner. Shift at 12 yayyyyy

Genuinely been thinking about it.

What did you get her?

Was gonna have a night aff the sauce cos the last couple of nights have been boozy wee affairs, so obviously I’m in a wee local place with a beer. :weary::grinning:

It’s going down really well.