It’s here! Let’s cheer.

Morning all.

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My boss just came to my desk and caught me downloading pictures of hands :grimacing:


morning tilty, all :wave:

so far I’ve forgotten to make lunch to take with me to work, and broken my favourite mug. going well.

meant to be going to work drinks later on a boat on the Thames but I really really cba right now.

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Omg can’t wait for the thread!


Just fannied around with the Roku and registering first for STV player (“sorry, this program is not available to watch live”) then ITV Hub (had to enter date of birth by scrolling back through a calendar one month at a time from today’s date) so my mum can watch Good Morning Britain or whatever the fuck that shite is.

And the electrician I booked in for this morning has cancelled on me.

Going to make a banana bread to stall for time until my gf gets back from her hospital appointment so there’s a bit of a mum buffer then go walk around Cambridge or something, I dunno.

Would quite like my current bout of illness to fuck off now please.

Happy Thursday all.

going bowling tonight

can’t really be fucked tbh

Preston and then Salisbury today.

Anxiety levels sky high.

Fuck this.

Go on strike


Morning tilty, morning everybody.
I was expecting today’s high point to be the T-shirt worn by a young lad on his way to school
until this came along


two nights ahead without the children. long overdue and very much looking forward to it.

Currently sitting in bed listening to Arkless which is a nice start.

Have fun folks.

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Off work sick. Eating an ice cream in bed.


I elected yesterday to work from home, and it turns out that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made all year. The M25 is closed and the roads are a complete mess and I’ve avoided it all.

I was feeling quite smug until the builders arrived next door :grimacing:

Off to a little local gig night which is usually fun. @grievoustim fancy a pint and a band or two at the Richmond later?

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Mum just said “does she think she can sing, that Björk?”

I’m going for a walk.

Good morning,

Was woken up by a really loud red kite (I think) squawking egregiously and obnoxiously at around 4.40am, roughly.

Feeling a bit of dread about work as the big boss is in.

I’ve decided I want a (rescue) kitten. Winnie hates other cats. Will she hate a kitten too? She probably will, won’t she? I really want one though. Damn that cute cat food advert with the kitten talking to the rain :sob::heart_eyes_cat::sob:

Almost Friday! Hope you all make it x


Morning all.

Day 6 of the diet: I’ve resorted to hardcore bread sniffing. God bread smells good. Can you take in carbs through your nasal passage? I bet you bloody can can’t you?

None of the work I have on my to do list is in any way urgent which means I will be doing fuck all for the foreseeable.

That is all. Hope you’re all well.


Morning tilty!

I just spent an hour making my top for Pride. It was a lot of effort but I’m very happy with it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Haha we’ve been having this exact conversation

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That would be perfect. Or just some kind of super low cal flavour paste that I can spread on my tongue and just leave there for a bit.

I hate dieting.


Was just about to ask if you made it to work.

Coulsdon was a nightmare to get through this morning, as everyone was getting off the M25 there. Took me an hour to do what normally takes me around 20 minutes.