Thurs banal

Home. Had a bombload of fun sitting in aeroplane cockpits today…trying to think what to do tomorrow…

Going to make a cup of tea to help the thinking process.

@plasticniki try singing Hackensack instead. It’s a REAL place

spanish omelette, zoodles, cauliflower rice, vegetable soup?


did you manage to get a different train on the same ticket?

Was nicely chilling with a beer down by the water but then I jumped in dis and now I can’t get Santa cruz by the thrills out my head.

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sweet potato wedges isn’t it

To be honest I didn’t even try, in panic mode I just booked a new ticket (was only £28). Just annoyed because I’d specifically booked the 06:35 because it was a scenic train and now I have to get a stupid replacement bus.

Make some sweet potato crisps

got a bag of decaff coffee beans that i’m looking forward to trying tonight

they’re out of date so i got them for free

tell me something NEW japes

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might go spin class tonight or might go real bike ride or might go turbo


it’s getting really dark quite early now. went out last night and basically no one had a decent enough light for the lanes and i got a bit annoyed and overtook everyone expecting them all to stick on my wheel but they didn’t, the scaredy cats

Been on hold for about half an hour to the DWP. Craving death

is there not an app that when youre on hold you can hang up and it phones you when the other person picks up?

can’t remember what it’s called

shit isn’t it

Slice really thinly, spray with a bit of oil and salt, stick in microwave :woman_shrugging:

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i quite like riding in the dark but i hate that it means winter is coming and also i don’t want to die of a pothole

I can’t download any more apps on my phone and it won’t let me delete any

!!! :exploding_head: !!!

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What you’ve never done this?