THURS' day

Fucking boiling already and it’s only just gone 8. Ffffuuuu. Got a stinking cold as well. This is some bullshit.

Nowt going on today. Going out for pizza and beer tonight. Excite.

Wbu, huns?

It is not wednesday but thursday, in fact

Slightly hungover but not terribly.

Bloody lovely out

tired as F. W from WFH.
gonna watch TV all D
got pizza in the F
90% of a nap later


G’day Cobber!

Out of the office now until at least Tuesday, possibly Weds on various errands and stuff.

Dreadful sleep, but can’t be helped.

Docs this morning.

It’s way to nice to be at work today!

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Naga is back on bbc breakfast


bloody boiling in NE6 already. working until 6pm then going on a date/eat vegan burger and get pissed in the sun. made coffee n toast while having a lil morning groove around the kitchen. have a great day y’all

Sat eatin’ slabs of ham before I head out.

Im a wee bit fearful of exposing my pale flesh to the burny orb in the sky. If no one had noticed yet…it is SCORCHIO!!

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Ive taken the drastic measure of wearing shorts. Feel like such a dick. Gonna change when i get to work.


A lovely day. There’s a balcony at the other end of the building (with panoramic views over an industrial estate), if I had a laptop I’d definitely be sat out there doing my work on days like this.

Alas, I’ll be stuck in the office with someone who insists on setting the air con set to 16, but won’t take their fucking jumper off.

Haha, who wears short shorts? YOU DO.

A group of my friends are a bit metally and I love how during the summer their normal uniform of black band tshirt, green combats seems to remain the same except their combats suddenly get just a wee bit shorter.


Guys, I’ve got shorts on in the office :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Morning all. It’s a public holiday here but I still have to go to work like a chump.


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You’ve stolen my shorts thunder! First day of wearing them in the office is always the worst, such ridicule.

I hope my deodorant holds up today :frowning:


Team day at the amex stadium today. Love 149 mile round trip for a 4hr day

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Oh god, i couldnt fathom wearing them in the office. Id never live it down. Gonna change before anyone sees me.

already pretty fucking warm, mayve skinny black jeans weren’t a great idea.

man, exercising and no drinking really do make you feel so much better the next day. said the smug cunt from glasgow

off to see aldous harding tonight woohoo! with thanks to @Unlucky


Luckily I’ve got great pins from all the CYCLING INNIT!