Thurs eve


funny article but it’s only 5:30 mate!!

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Haha, Fetcham sounds a bit like Feltch’em

I’ve turned down the pub and I’m away home. All the best until tomorrow my friends.

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evenin all

going out on :bike: in a bit then will christen my new cooker with some peri peri chicken thighs… might roast some broccoli too?



Wife is going out for a curry with work, so my plan is grey peas and bacon for my tea and then a nice long bath with beer and some music.

This has amused moi

Off to see Moonlight, having Lebanese food before as there’s a Lebanese place under the cinema

everyone’s dying mate


just walked into the kitchen at work holding my mug and someone who works here goes ‘thanks for that, mate’ and i said ‘no worries’ and then just made myself a cup of tea. no idea.


Back from a hike there. Was pretty windy at the top of the mountain, good laugh. Bought some new shoes on the way home and I’m about to have a stew my Mam made. Coming home is good sometimes.*

*I will revisit this statement after a few hours in the pub later.

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that pizza looks tiny

Can you just pretend to feel sorry for me please


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Go on wr, you can do it!!!
Anything we can help you with?

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it looks kid-size

Fucking easyJet twats always delayed out of Gatwick, always.
At least get us some fucking drinks you swine

i just want to go home and eat anjd sleeeeeeep :zzz: :zzz:
but i’ve got to go and bloody gruddy vote so i need to change into my voting clothes :scream:

Was going to go to the gym tonight but I stepped on a plug earlier and my foot is :tired_face: Guess I could go for a swim but I will probably just watch that pottery show. Someone make me get off my arse please.

Stepping on a plug is excruciating!!