Thurs eve

Absolutely exhausted this week, cant wait to go to bed. Treated myself to these on my walk home:

Love a tangy tom.



I have never had a tomato flavoured crisp in my life. What on earth do they taste like?

Like that cheap tomato soup you get from vending machines (i.e. really good)



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Yuck. Hate tomato flavoured crisps. sorry @ericthefourth

Got yoga then some interview prep in front of the telly.

R went on a trip to a fancy private school for a science day today, now wants to go there. Time for ‘that’ conversation I think. :rofl:


Sorry, this sounds terrible, I’m out.

Tomato and basil and carrot and coriander are objectively the two worst soups.

I’m still packing. Absolutely sick of it. If someone has any good motivating spotify playlists I’d be super grateful…

It is very rainy today but on my walk home I saw this stylish chap so it’s okay.

Love a dog in a scarf. @lo-pan put a scarf on Jackson please.


you’ve lost it, k_o!!!


Oooft. How old are they?

that looks like @Lo-Pan in dog form tbh

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just kind of a stylish fella

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Haha okay, I thought you meant small and hairy.


There’s a thread in this but to save time I will inform you from the off you are extremely wrong


I just can’t imagine a soup that I’d want less than either of those two. Mixed vegetable, absolutely lovely. French Onion - a treat! Pea and mint, v. refreshing. But those mediocre flavours have somehow become the standard and I gotta say they can do one.

Hi all!

I cooked a makeshift chicken chow mein as I didn’t have the ingredients required for Ching’s allegedly easy Chinese recipe.

Going to watch X Men Apocalypse tonight.

Not sure if I’d totally agree with @kat_olivia’s hardline stance on soup but I don’t agree with tomato crisps. I still respect and value your opinion though @ericthefourth.

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Pasta night was monday! Falafels for me.


Had a flipping great day. Got paid, bought ‘Talking Heads:77’ and the self-titled Liars album on LP. Watched Cork City win 2-0, got asked to DJ before one of my favourite bands in one of my favourite venues tonight AND I got through to the interview stage for a Civil Service job. Everything’s coming up Geesey!

Picking my records for tonight now while drinking some delicious terrible Czech lager.


Falafel is always a great choice.

Really intrigued as to what Nik Naks taste like as we can’t get them here.