Thurs eve

Just done a big ol’ cycle and now gonna have fish tacos and beer.

Still chuckling at Liars’ new album art:

Big fan of tomato Snaps FYI @ericthefourth with yer man the crocodile on the bag.


About to stir another fry.

Jfc that artwork

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Tomato flavoured stuff even better than actual tomatoes.
Big fan of those cheeseburger crisps too—Quarterbacks I think they’re called.

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The wee Liars logo in the cake :grinning:

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Just in from work, shattered. Got to go play football soon

Then straight to bed as up early for Ben lomond.

Of Years back


Veggie burgers with rice I cooked in with some tomatoes, some roasted peppers and olives too. Amazing how much I can be arsed now I don’t have to hock fucking curtains.


Just in from work after another crap day. I’m going to have fish and chips with beer. Can’t be bothered with anything else,

The cat threw up on a whicker chair. Joy.

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Hello from north of the Arctic circle and the land of the midnight sun (and a bazillion mosquitos and midges to be fair)

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Home with the son tonight. Feels very odd not to have my daughter here as well.

Not sure what to do for tea, probably end up making a sandwich and bit of salad, have a bath and get an early night tonight. Pretty long Friday ahead.

I had a question to ask you all but I’ve forgotten it

mmmmmmmmmmmm made dinner for the first time in ages (pistachio and yoghurt chicken curry) and it was so delicious. was feeling absolutely awful a few hours ago but having cooked and made amazing food I feel much better


that sounds fucking dreamy - have u got a recipe???

Yep! It’s from here: I’ve only made a few things from that book but everything I’ve done from both that and her vegetarian cookbook are incredible.

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evening all

just back from :baby::oncoming_automobile: at the :cinema: it was alright

quite tired :zzz:

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Went to some shops on the way home and then went up a small hill on my bike with only one gear and now my back is killing me.

Boyfriend is making carbonara. Probably watch some telly. I have Ritter Sport so I might eat loads of it.

Wow for all of 5 seconds this sentence really confused me, I felt like I exercised my brain for the first time today. Thanks.

@plasticniki are you feeling better since yesterday?

Gonna have a nice cup of earl grey. :tea:

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