Thurs Eve


:grimacing: got the fear someone else is in the process of starting an evening thread…


Anyway, hows everyone? Third evening thread in a row from me. Sorry about that.


I was hanging out in Jordan’s thread thinking it was the evening thread but I can hang out here too. What’s up witches?


Haha, I just saw Jordans one!!! AAAH! What have I done!!!


hi witches and ghostpony!

I’ve got a headache. Unfortunately all the things I enjoy doing apart from sleeping seem to involve staring at a screen


May I suggest drugs?


Train delays, going to miss hollyoaks


the legal kind? Just took a couple of paracetamol hopefully they will help.

I reckon it’s cos I got such a lousy night’s sleep. Didn’t go to bed until 2am yesterday because I got sucked into reading some pointless arguing on twitter (don’t even have twitter myself, the whole thing is so depressing). Then when I finally went to bed we had the craziest wind (not me! the weather!) I’ve ever known, all night my room was howling and creaking and I maybe got 3 hours sleep.


Had a tooth taken out today. Pretty sore now but it went well. Can’t eat the usual burger I would when I feel low.

Turns out teeth are about an inch long and are actually attached to your fucking bones and that. Who knew? I didn’t. Which is why it surprised me it took them so long to chisel and prise it out of my gums.


Aw Bam, that’s all very annoying. And yes, the legal kind. I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I noticed any wind last night. Was it up here?


Woah, glad it went well


long teeth…that’s an unsettling image!


just feel really awful but I have bean and kale enchiladas on the go

I actually think I might be in a position to just about have my life sorted out soon and get back to normal


dunno! What’s the Scottish word for wind? Do you have a nice word for it like?


Was so windy here this morning that on my way to work some people just got off their bikes and wheeled them because they couldn’t stay upright.



Blowy? :smiley:


I was hoping for something as fun as greeting meaning crying


Gah done some maths and won’t be able to make my mate’s stag do. On top of that he asked me to be a groomsman. Fuuuu so anxious. This is going to go down like a lead balloon.

Gonna watch Persona and forget all about this until the end of the weekend.


Sup witches. Chicken Kiev for tea again! I’m having a bit of a phase.

Going to do some more Davina workout vids later in a continued effort to avoid the gym.


@witches your new icon really makes me think of the taste of sugar free polos


Have you tried that jillian michaels workout vid? I like it because she’s firm with you. She obviously doesn’t take any bullshit.