Thurs Eve

What you up to?

In my favourite country pub having a pint :+1:
My partner’s mum is staying over :-1:
Got beer :+1:
Shit day at work :-1:

alright m8s

just trying to work up the enthusiasm required to get off the couch and go gym

any minute now

Good thing I checked before posting a new thread eh?

I’m sat at the US border en route to Seattle. Just had a really nerve wracking chat with the customs officials even though I’ve got zero to feel guilty about.

Got two days in Seattle, gonna be honest I can’t be arsed with big cities at the moment. Anyone got any recommendations? No idea what I’ll be having for dinner as it’s only 10:30am

Currently sitting under a cat


exactly this but the gym is the cross-trainer in my bathroom. yesterday i even put my trackies on ready to go and work out, but then decided i was too hungry to exercise. (i need to do it today though)

You’ve got a small person growing out of your left knee.

the fish market will be good tomorrow if you’re still there. there’s a nice wee crab restaurant underneath the main part. there’s some boat trips out round the islands might be fun. loads of decent bars and beers roundabout there. the emp museum is a cool building but I didn’t think much of it. might be better now though.

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I thought it was a bit itchy

Bought these records:

Heading to a band meeting later, whereby we play each other records and discuss what we want to play tomorrow. We won’t practice, and haven’t played since February, so this is going to be interesting.


Thanks, I think chilling out and eating some good seafood might be the way to go.


any minute now

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Just been to M&S for a few bits and pieces for dinner. @rich-t have you tried the Maritime Salted Caramel Porter? It was on clearance (£1 a bottle). I bought all of what they had in stock. Is it terrible?

read this as marmite salted caramel :face_vomiting:


It’s fine. Brewed by Meantime. Not had it in a while, but if you like sweet porters, it’s fine. Loads going out of date which is why it’s reduced. Back to full price Saturday

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That sounds alright to me. You might be on to something.

I did a boat trip, wandered through the public market, went to the Boeing museum, sat on Kurt Kobain’s bench metres from his last home, visited the graves of Bruce Lee and Jimi Hendrix, hanged out in grunge theme bars and went up Seattle Tower.

Should have visited the Boeing factory and done the underground city tour.

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Evening all. :wave: Submitted my very first paper today, online by Monday. Relieved. Knackered too


I’ve had a long stressy day at work involving travelling between two campuses, delays in our kitchen and one massive class.

I can’t remember feeling this dissatisfied since the last time I quit a job (also my last permanent contract…)

I had to improvise a veggie cottage pie for tea. The veggies were a bit on the bitey side.

Top day otherwise…

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the Boeing factory is really cool but is pretty far from actual seattle and I can imagine would be a ballache to get to without a car