Thurs Eve

working late, can’t decide whether it’ll be worth it to order a cheeky takeaway or just hang on til i get home for some healthy pasta

  • cheeky takeaway
  • wait for pasta

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I’ve been to that tap room! It’s nice.

edit: reply to the OP obviously, I’m not just shouting into the void for once


Wait for pasta today then BOOM! Treat yo’self tomorrow.

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Listebing to Esmerine FYI.

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tomorrow is wedding anniversary so i certainly shall be

can’t believe all you narcs are trying to deny me a nice takeaway ffs

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went down a bit of a quick rabbit hole with this

people were really alot more uptight on camera even in the 90s weren’t they.

mackerel frittata time.


Not feeling amazing. Quite want to go to bed but I need to make dinner for 'er indoors for when she’s back from her work trip and also a carpenter is FINALLY coming around to measure up for some shelves.

poll is currently 50/50, good enough for me

  • pizza
  • burrito
  • curry
  • other

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oi oi saveloy!

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Nice. Love a bit of esmerine


Evening all. Evening @Bamnan! I’m having cheesy nachos, salsa and guacamole for dinner. Might have a beer too.

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I think I’ve ruined my toe. My fishnets seem to have really badly fucked up the circulation by pulling too hard on it… Did wonder why it hurt earlier.

Bought my first set of darts :slight_smile:

the prick tipping the potatoes into soap suds has ruined my evening

Oooh, you definitely want to load up on the health before a wedding anniversary

Pizza, and egg fried rice from the Chinese. Pour the rice into the middle of the pizza and fold it up like a burrito. Dip it in some curry.

I’m hungry.