Thurs Evening Thread 12/12

Hey voters! Wishing all you Labour voters the very best.

Figured this will be a slow thread this evening with everyone in the politics thread, but hey I’m on fire starting evening threads this week why not?

Whats for dinner, what else will you be doing this evening?


Hi Neil

How’s your day been?

Hanging in there couple more hours work, then same ole dinner, music, might switch it up with some wine this evening.



Just started on the beers. Gonna watch soccer for a couple of hours then some election coverage.

Pizza for tea.


sup NY

I’ve yet again forgotten to buy any washing powder. really need to wash some clothes now so trying to psyche myself up for going back outside.


Just got home from another day of horse and carriage-ing. Dreadful weather, and apparently my very warm winter boots need new inlays :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3: Didn’t help that we’d been told to be there 45 minutes before we actually needed to be there. Also my phone died almost immediately because of the «cold» even though it had like 60% battery. Not on.

Gonna have a very hot shower as soon as this hair treatment has worked its pre-shower magic.

Really want to start drinking but I need to pop out in the car later at a currently unconfirmed time.

Could sack it off but that will be a massive pain for future me

It’s all Kwik fits fault


So tired. Should stay up working but I’m falling asleep already.

Chai, finish my book and sleep then. I can do the all nighter tomorrow.

Also need to get more beer in, only have 4 little uns . But that’s more easily fixed

Always make sure your well stocked Tim!

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Alright Boris


I have to buy alcohol in small amounts or I’d never stop drinking

Eating a mac and cheese then trying to find a dumb film to take my mind off the polls.

Really miss being able to breathe out my nose :sneezing_face:

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Is this a joke about his kids? I thought he had millions

Flight is delayed 50 minutes, gonna be touch and go whether I get back in time to vote.

Another absolute shit day for things out of my control - chances of me being sacked in the next week - 25%

Ate at Eat. A chicken and almond panini, and some fancy tortilla chips. it was fine, need to eat some vegetables tomorrow.

Still got a cold.


Officially four but there’s an unofficial fifth and then who knows.

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Can’t deal with this election nonsense at all.
Completely stressing me out and I’m rattling around the house on my own as the wife is away. :cry:

I should see if anyone is about to meet up but can’t face talking to anyone


Hi Neil.

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