Thurs Evening Thread 12/12

Had sprouts for the first time of the year :slight_smile:


Take a nice book to a nice pub for a nice pint?

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How’s it going there Rich?

Working. You good?

Yeah buddy, same here on the work front. Out in about an hour then on to the beverages.

Hello everyone :wave:

On my way to vote and then pizza for dinner and an evening of catching up on masterchef and ridding myself of this goddamn cold. Curse it.

Off tomorrow! Going to start witches fitness regime for the millionth time. Must. Not. Not. Exercise.

Also Friday the 13th :ghost: going to watch…

:thinking: Nope can’t remember it’s name.


how did you cook sprouts

been thinking i should eat more of them

No beers for me as I’m back in early tomorrow. Want to up on the beer for the election coverage though :frowning:

Steam the cunts, they’re tasty.

Batter and deep fry

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What’s your regimen going to include?

Taking my mind off you know what by starting a really, really nerdy RPG.

I appear to have woken up after a disastrous night, unsure of what country I’m in and wearing only my pants, so it’ll also be good preparation for tomorrow.

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Peel off the outers leaves, little slash into the stem, into a baking tin, pour stock/gravy into it so its about a 3rd way up the sprouts, onion and garlic too. Cover with foil In the oven for 25-30mins. (Jiggle about half way through)

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My mum’s sitting brasso-ing everything in sight.

doin this

Please see edit, cover with foil too

Actually using the gym membership I’ve been paying for for the last 6 months :blush: any recommendations are very welcome I know you’re well into :muscle: also any particular diets that you thought were good!

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Fuck it, getting on the lagers tonight.

Cans out for Corbyn


I’m not the best person to give diet advice tbh. Get on the weights! What kind of classes does your gym do?

Thinking about drinking a bottle of port I’ve had in for ages.

Have my appraisal with my manager tomorrow