Thurs Evening Thread

First one I’ve ever done of these, bit nervous.

Whats everyone up to this evening? Still early afternoon here, think I’m going to slag off soon and go to the bar.

Hope everyone has a lovely one!

Also happy bday to @Gnometorious and @xcheopis.


Thank you!

Six hours until I can go home boooo

evening NeilYoung + all. Sat outside with a beer!!! 27 and a half degrees in south wales :grin:


I think you should treat yourself to a pizza when you get home. :rofl:

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pictures please

would smash


Went for greek the other night; Moussaka, tyropitakia, mythos, can’t beat it. Even their salad is superior to any other

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I… already have cupcakes

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Just got off the train and stormed up a massive hill to a waiting pint of cider in the local. Long day of shit meetings. The pint did not live long.

Gonna get a chinese in a bit I think.

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Evening Youngy!

I’m good. Not much to add: it’s sunny here but there’s a cool northerly breeze so it’s a bit like having an aircon unit blowing in through the window.

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Not having a good day both MH and being ill-wise. Just applied for a job I’d like and having leftover pork carnitas rolls for tea, so hopefully things might come good yet.

Feel terrible lads




hope you feel better buddy!

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I think you should have a cider with those pork carnitas.

Haven’t got any in unfortunately. Just remembered that I’ve got some emergency wine though!

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Thought I was going to get away with working wfh tomorrow but I need to be working ato to interview students and enter results.

Might have some beers tonight. I deserve it.

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Went for a walk to babysit die Kinder, lovely evening for it, what?!

Lionesses tonight, take away too probably.