Thurs-Fri Foot-to-Ball Europoppy Thread



Leicester still yet to concede in the Champion’s League. Spurs continue to royally Spurs up an easy group.

Think any England player who doesn’t voluntarily sow a poppy onto their kit and know the words to the national anthem should be summarily executed tbf.


We should have the national anthem played through the matvh on loop , ala The Gangstaz in ECW


Spotted I had £1 left in a betting account. Bunged on a 10-way Europa League accy for tonight.


Where will the hotshot hotspurs finish in their UEFA Champions League group

  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd (funniest outcome)
  • 4th

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They should probably have sown them in the spring if they want them to be visible for the 11th


Bale’s goal against Lego Walsall last night, STRIKER


hashtag alevouchers


Thoughts on Joyce pal?


The lost Dublin he immortalised is a shadowplace of contrasts, a provincial Edwardian backwater. It has elegance and pitiless squalor; the desolation of a scandalised diva reduced to beggary. Chandeliers illuminate her mansions, candles glow in chapels; red lights flicker in the brothel doorways. Joyce said his hometown had “a faint odor of corruption”. But few novelists have written more beautifully about any city. And nobody has ever depicted with such scrupulous precision what it is to be a native of a colony.

If ever there was a novel that is truly about everything, it is this wonderful, infuriating book. It contains passages of unearthly beauty, sequences funnier than any stand-up comedian, sentences so graceful that you stand in the sunshine of that summer day, transported by the communion of language. It is virtual reality, a century before the internet. It is Fellini before Fellini, and Scorsese before Scorsese.


:smiley: ffs


:smile: To be honest, I hadn’t heard of him. Sounds like he’s got great pedigree with young talent, but my gut instinct is we’ve again taken a punt on someone who hasn’t any experience at the level we’re playing at. But, happy to be utterly wrong as he propels us into the top six. We could do with a swift kick up the arse, reminded where the fucking final third is, and hopefully he’s the catalyst for that. #BELIEVE.


Was going to boast and say I turned over to watch this just as he scored it but it was right when it kicked off so not really anything to boast about


…that is a bit ‘Alright Borning Milner’ actually




fucking mint game, loads of great goals. A night the fan will never forget


As if there isn’t a significant plurality of fan in that stadium. East European pricks.


I’ve been singing BORNING MILNER to the Bob the Builder tune for a couple of minutes now.






This is tonight. Ron Atkinson, Barry Fry, Eric “Monster” Hall.
Worst thing imaginable, do we think?