Thurs(my birth)day Thread

Hi all. I’m in York and happy.

No money but we’re doing it right.


Happy birthday paisan, glad to hear you’re happy. :+1:
I’m also happy and a wee bit hazy, maybe a wee siesta till more festivities later!

Happy Mr Birthday Mr Steve!

i’m just back from seeing Nick Cave in Dublin. was proper great.

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hb steve! :wave:

also up watching basketball

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Up dealing with a squaking baby

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York, York its a hell of a town


happy Thurs(your birth)day!

i jumped out of bed thinking i had overslept for work

i have not overslept for work

Happy birthday Steve.

Happy birthday Mistersteve :balloon: :birthday: :grinning:

Happy birthday!

Cracking picture. York is a great bunch of city.

Good morning,

Happy birthday @Mistersteve

Just realised the place I thought I needed to be for 8, I don’t have to be until half 8. So gone from rushing to sloth-speed in my getting ready.

Morning all, HBDMS

Got some men coming to change my water tank supposedly at 8am so ive got up, put my clothes on and gone back to bed. Hopefully they’ll be late.


Are they here yet?


Happy birthday :birthday:

Off to see the England match tonight so the TV was blasting Three Lions through his phone while making breakfast.

Never heard blah blah blah etc etc etc


Happy birthday MrSteve! York’s nice, enjoy it!

They’re here now

can you offer them a tea/coffee if there is no water? :thinking: