Thurs(my birth)day Thread

I don’t drink tea or coffee so there is no milk and probably only a few scabby tea bags lying around. So waters the least of their worries :smiley:

I don’t want to let on just how much of a party animal I’m being in my hotel bed on my birthday, but it’s really difficult to play along with Bruce’s Price is Right, trying to guess what things cost 25 years ago.


HB, S!

Tonight we’re being cooked dinner by some new friends. We met them at a wedding a couple of months ago. I’m simultaneously excited about having new pals who live relatively near us but also anxious because WHAT IF ACTUALLY we don’t get on any more? Making new pals as adults is so fucking odd, innit?

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HB senor steve-bergo!

I’m come back to an inbox full of shit that needs doing, the week after half term is always a killer. I think I’ve got 3 (three) thread ideas for today though, the fresh Derbyshire air has done wonders for the noggin.

My American boss is coming over today. He asked me to book a table somewhere for dinner tonight for me, him and the two other colleagues in my team.

They’ve both pulled out, so now it will just be me and him. I need to fabricate a way out of this, because no matter how transparent my excuse is it’ll be less embarrassing than actually having to sit through dinner with the twat.


Happy Birthday @Mistersteve!

We came last in the pub quiz last night. Terrible performance - we started badly then continued badly. Ho hum!

A night music making tonight. If I get the stems I’m waiting for I’ll work on a remix, or I might work a bit on the Broadcast cover I’m trying, or I might make a start on my ambitious triptych type piece.


It appears only two members of my team have shown up for work. This could be a long day.

Heading back to my house later to hang out with my housemates, do some laundry and listen to the new Deerhunter tape. GF is calling over then to get to know them a little better. Looking forward to all of them being friends!

Happy birthday Mister. I think we’re on first name terms now.

Hey @rob.orch, which Broadcast song are you covering?

One called (I think) In Your Shoes. I found a live recording from 1996, where they play some of the tracks from Work and Non Work, some embryonic versions of tracks which ended up on The Noise Made By People, and this other track which never got released anywhere. The recording isn’t bad, but there’s still crowd noise on there, so I was going to try and recreate it.

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A noble endeavour.

I DON’T SUPPOSE you have an active download link for that live recording?

Happy Birthday :tada:

I’m tired, keep staying up until 3am watching riverdale

Well he’s only human, so I’m sure that’s true.

He voted for Trump, though, so fuck him.

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Merry Christmas:

Smashing, thank you!

Do post your cover when you’re happy with it, too!


Still can’t stop listening to DAYTONA.

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I’m a long way off that, but I’m hoping it’ll be one of those things that magically comes together once I’ve got to a certain point. There’s not enough hours in the day to work on music at the moment, so everything I’m doing is slow progress

happy birthday @Mistersteve

do you have any words for the occasion @discobot?

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

also, windowcleaners are surrounding the house and I’m scared. I’d usually hide but I do want to get some of this work done

just don’t make eye contact