Thurs Thread Thriends

Morning all,

It’s Friday eve, which means tomorrow is Friday.

Early start for me as I leave work at 2 today. Lots to do, this week has been hella busy.

What do you have ahead this day?

I was strangely hypnotised this morning by the intensity with which a man on Platform 9 was chewing his gum. It was awfully disgusting and yet admirable, the amount of non-stop open mouthed gusto he was putting into it.

What fun things did you notice on your commute?

It’s stopped raining here. Had almost forgotten what colour the sky was after the perma-grey.
WFH so my commute involved walking down the stairs. Starting early with the aim of finishing early and getting out climbing this evening.


Alright Thriends.

Might have to sack somebody today. That the sum total of my day. Will probably need a bike ride or a beer or both afterwards.

Fucking knackered. Was up at 5:30 to be a dickhead on the Australian equivalent of GMTV for five minutes and I’m paying for it now. Not going to Taekwondo this evening because of it, just too fucking tired.


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Fuck that’s rough. Even if it’s deserved, that’s never a good thing to have to go through.

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Being humbled by the potential for post-truth stupidity amongst my fellow left-leaners. Someone’s shared an article stating that it’s a development that means we need to get the Tories out immediately. It’s had a lot of likes and angry face responses.

It’s over a decade old. It tells you when you click the link, pallies.

Can’t bring myself to mention it and risk looking like a massive apologist for free market mayhem.

Gosh, that sounds exciting / terrifying! Have you prepared how you might do it? Regretfully or full of triumphant glee?

Edit: Actually, this post comes across more glib than I intended.

I’m tired. Seem to be permanently tired at the moment.

Off to have our weekly work breakfast. This week the theme is ‘cereal’. I think they’re running out of ideas.


In all honest it’ll be a good thing to get rid of them. Just an all round terrible member of staff. But I’m not looking forward to the hearing. They have a very short temper and are quite immature, so I’m imagining lots of shouting and swearing, which ironically one of the many reasons why we’re having this hearing.

Nearly made the same mistake this morning browsing the Guardian—link to an article headed “Plans for £64bn privitisation of NHS” or something like that, started getting (more) riled up, but it said it was 10 years old in small print under the link…

Only got a 5 hour shift today so going to hit the #gym beforehand and make something tasty/fancy for dinner.

Any ideas, (vegan) pals?

That’s the one. I was terrified until I clicked and noticed how old it was. So many people going “we need to stay positive” and all that. It’s ironic because these are the people who go on about how important it is to check your sources and all that.

It’s like that surreal moment when Ronnie Corbett died for the second time.

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No, it’s important for people you don’t agree with to check THEIR sources

We had brother cats (both sadly now deceased) and it was the most adorable thing imaginable when they washed one another. So so cute. Until the point where George would invade Howard’s personal space a little too much by licking his eye and receiving a smack around the chops for his pains.

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Sounds potentially pretty tough. Good luck with it!

There’s a toddler on the train! Everyone is just a little bit smilier as a result.


Ah, that sounds lovely! I love watching toddlers on trains - far more than I ever liked taking my kids anywhere when they were that age.

My son’s just decided to start calling me dad instead of daddy, which is making me a bit sad.

A week or two ago, there was a toddler at the station shouting at his parents to look at the train. Then another train came at the other platform and he was freaking out with amazement. “LOOOK! ANOOTHER TRAIN!”