Thursdaaaaay evening

Hey hey hey

Tell me your plans and also please engage with my poll.

Say you send yourself an email, like a picture or file attacment or something.
Do you add a little note to cheer yourself up when you open it?

  • Obviously.
  • What? No

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sometimes, I like naming files stupidly obvious things so like if it’s a picture of my face it will be “faceyface3” or something


it won’t last but I’m feeling quite good right now. Did some gardening today and now I’m drinking a coffee, making a blu-tack snail and listening to a podcast


Hey :wave:

I have no plans this evening other than starting to watch The Circle (France). Finished The 3% last night which was ok but a bit silly.

I email myself loads of stuff that I know I’ll need later but rarely put a title or anything in the body of the email that then helps me find it months later when I want it. Maybe a little note would be a good idea. It reminds me of that thing a few years ago where everyone was sending their future selves emails though.

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The Circle France is the best one! Enjoy!

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What a delicious dinner

Now watching Worlds Toughest Race. Gonna go tesco in a bit

Mine are not helpful. More HI me! Enjoy the pdf…

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Fummin. Ordered a new sofa 3 weeks ago, delivery due next week. Logged on to the website to see it says order cancelled. Argh.


He’s listening to a gastropodcast hhahaaaaaaa!


Anyone want a free box from hellofresh? DM your email and I’ll sned it through.

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Good evening! There’s rumours abound that we’re getting burritos in tonight. Oh yeah! :burrito:

Today’s my Friday so I might have a beery beer tonight.

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Hello! Having a very good dinner; salt beef, emmental, mustard and gherkin bagel with chips and coleslaw. Gonna watch more Office and keep the dreads at bay.


Evening, tonight i am roasting 5 different veg in individual trays for my dinner.
Also managed to talk myself out of going for a beer so there’s that as well. :innocent:


That sounds so good. We’ve got chorizo and mozzarella gnocchi bake.


Are any of them beetroot? I was given some beetroot(s?) but always say I don’t like them because I don’t like pickled beetroot. Need to try roasting some but not sure what to do with it.

I used to send myself stuff with nice messages but now I just save stuff to Google drive. I miss the nice messages :slightly_frowning_face:

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Ryanair are paying me back, finally, one week after opening a dispute with Monzo. Thanks for whoever gave me the advice, @roastthemonaspit and someone else sorry I forgot who!

Aaaaand my cunt of a landlord from Brno has finally paid our deposits back, 10 1/2 months, 43 emails and two threats of legal action after I moved out.

Considering my employment status this is lovely timing. Cheers world.

Plus a good pal of mine got their disability today after months of fighting the dwp on it.



Apparently my face is getting fat. Crept up on me that has. The old fat face.

Sea bass* for dinner. Eatin (b)ass.

3.99 for 4* fillets at Aldi

**I only ate one of those fat face be damned.

Don’t like how you can’t asterisk things.

none are beetroot although i do like roast beetroot. especially when roasted with garlic :+1:t2:

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