Thursday, 05 Sep 19

Morning squad. I’m up early to get to work early for early meetings. Yesss.


49 minutes til hometime.

First night shift for 9 weeks and its gone quite quickly tbf. Cba battling the traffic on the way home though.

Walk the dog, have some toast and then bed for a few hours. Mmmmmmm bed.

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Why are the SNES games not available yet. This is unacceptable.



Was up at 4:45. Ugh.

Had a bath on the train to work now. Going to have a big bad fry up in half an hour.

Finish at 2, swimming with the kids and then an early night.

Man, I get worried about the door unlocking if I’m using the toilet on the train but this is some next level stuff.


DiS stole my comma!


Going for a bit of #extremelynichecontent here but I read a case yesterday where a patent was revoked because the attorney missed out a comma somewhere. Shat me right up. The stuff of patent twat nightmares.


just back from my first run in about a week, was a struggle to get out of bed and the run was knackering but happy i made the effort.

scottish power are coming today to switch off everyone’s power while they install smart meters. there’s a boring bit of info for you. :+1:


Got eye strain or something and it’s giving me a headache

Morning sheeldz & crew,

Talking R to the Natural History Museum today! Going to be knackering but I love that place so much and am glad R is enthusiastic about it too :slight_smile:


train to work today cos meeting a friend later.

listening to the (international) noise conspiracy because, well, fuck it?

Yeah, my train was stuck and it meant I missed the fast train, so now I’m going to be late.

Need to get my bike back up and working.


Not much to report, earliest start in a while as my son is back to school today and I need to be up to make sure he’s up

Should get some brekkie really, I’m starving

Good god, I’ve just got a 7-page CV in Comic Sans from a 40-year old candidate.


Morning early team. Missed a train to Aberdeen for work for I’m now an hour behind my boss - very solid achievement for before 745am! Massively sweaty from running from home and had a misery breakfast of a half cold croissant and this

Luckily train alone means 2.5 hours of reading The Goldfinch, music, podcasts etc. Then off to Flaming Lips tonight with our lad @cutthelights! (Just about remembered my ticket …)


You need them on your team.

Update - it’s very stodgy

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I like to think you missed your train because you paused to take this photo



Small animal has been perambulated. Found himself a stick that was literally as big as him.

He dragged that 200 yards down the street from the village green.

Time for toast!