Thursday 14 May 2020 06:00-18:00



What you up to?

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Going for a walk with my mum for the first time since… well… y’know. Green shoots, maaaan, green shoots… :man_shrugging:


:bike: :bike:
:video_camera: :iphone:
:sleeping: :bed:


Bastard cat woke me up at 4am and I have not gone back to sleep. I have intensely low expectations for this day.

On leave was meant to be day 1 of the great escape today.

Quarantine fatigue hitting real hard at the moment.

Might dig out a hobby grade game to keep me distracted but doubt itll be very effective

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That’s a lot of emojis

Been in the office about 40 mins, trying to bring myself to get up and get myself a coffee. Not happening just yet.

Liking for the great escape, which I also gave a ticket for.

Jimbo slept until quarter past seven. It’s a miracle! The first decent night’s sleep in ages.

Today I shall be working mostly.


Not much planned, going to try to make sushi rolls, do a work out and maybe have a beer in the park with a mate later.


working from home

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Just been woken by the sound of the dustman. Bin day is about as big a fixed point in the week as I’ve got these days.
Time for a workout then off to work, I guess.

sick to death of multi factor authentication


Planning on heading to the office and getting there for 9. Hopefully no one else will be there, I’ve got a big project to finish that can’t be done remotely. Might work until 3, then call it a day. I need a break from working.

I’ve just had a reminder that tonight I was supposed to be seeing 65daysofstatic, that would have been my first gig since lockdown.

After work I plan to make a Lemon drizzle cake, have a family video chat and play Civ5.

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Fucks sake. I had an 8.30 meeting in my calendar so I rushed everything I had to do this morning in order to get logged on in time. And when I get logged in I find out that the meeting was cancelled at 9pm last night. The meeting organiser is some kind of sociopath.


Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Good sky today.


Plans for day : run, Bloodborne, online D&D, check goats, family movie night (probably Swing Girls).

Young goat action from the last couple of days

and here’s one of them chewing down on his mum’s horn


All the missed gig talk here reminds me that I would have been seeing Mew earlier this week as well as lots of lovely DiSers :cry:

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Yes, was looking forward to more goats :heart:

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Friday tomorrow