Thursday 14 May 2020 06:00-18:00

The Child was up four times through the night.

I was due to start ‘working’ at 9.00 but my computer restarted.

Currently 30% updated.

I’m here until 9.30.

I might make a short trip to the shops for some veg I forgot yesterday.

Currently 15% BA.

morning DiS

missing my niblings. got sent a photo of my wee 6 month old niece and she’s getting so big and i’m missing it :sob:

aye i clocked that yesterday cheers, if they try and enforce social distancing in that queue it’s gonnae stretch to the gallowgate*

*i’m still going tomorrow obviously


Please report back

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will do!

while we’re on the subject, Mother India reopened last week for takeaway too


Woke up from a dream about Elon Musk. I beat him at a computer game and he got mad and stormed off into my kitchen. I followed him and he pulled out this spray can and sprayed water all over the floor. I said “what are you doing?” He just replied “watch.”

It turned into a kind of jelly and then a moment later was like a cake in the shape of jelly. He cut it up and gave me a piece. I said “that’s not bad if you treat it differently and don’t expect cake”.

That was the end of the dream.


Got absolutely nothing to do today and I’m very happy about it. Going to go outside in a minute and see if I can draw something nice in chalk on the concrete fence in our garden for Mrs F to see when she opens the blinds instead of just breeze blocks.


I never usually post in these day / evening threads as I usually go for music, gaming or dice rolling!

Just wanted to say how great the boards have been over recent events and it is a nice outlet and community, a bit like a real social experience / pub, etc and DiS has really gone up in my already high estimations.

Have a great day all.


Have you mooned your partner/housemates/pets/family yet today?

  • I certainly have! A moon a day keeps the doldrums away :full_moon::new_moon_with_face::wink:
  • I have not yet but thanks for the reminder! I’ll bare my buttocks for my loved ones amusement asap
  • I have not and will not be mooning anyone, thank you very much :face_with_monocle:

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My routine is grinding on.

Got lots of work to do, but I’m not complaining because I was unemployed for the first three months of the year. Also got paid yesterday for only the second time this year, so feeling pretty happy about that.



So no-one has to risk a spoiler.


not enough bananas to last until next week so going to have to eat mints for breakfast

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have you tried the mini bananas?

no I did not know this was a thing!

Sounds pretty good though as your standard big boy banana gets a bit tedious after a while

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Good morning @Matt_was_taken, good morning everyone, good morning DiS, happy celebrations to those of us who celebrate Izumo-taisha Shrine Grand Festival, and very many happy returns to Martine McCutcheon (43 today).

Just found one of our chickens in the garden. Happens a few times a year of course, but absolutely gutted about it as I feel responsible for it but don’t want to go into it. Absolutely ruined my morning. Might go for an angry pedal around the area after I’ve told all the other animals that I love them very much, and probably had a large scotch.


Sorry to hear about your chicken :pensive: big hugs xxxx


Well that’s coffee on the newly washed white sheets I guess


Save it for Thurs- oh. Ohhhh… :smirk:


had a reply to this but it was too boring so I scrapped it sorry