Thursday 14th Bastille Day

Never knowingly listened to Bastille.

What’s your day smelling like?

Ngl got a hefty dose of the sads, need to sort that.

remarkably hangover free and the replacement washing machine (delivery window of 7am-7pm) was here by 7:20. all going well for ol tunes today.



As expected, a little fuzzy-headed today, but not too bad and I reckon I can fit a nap in around lunchtime.

Smell-wise not much today for some reason, my coffee, my slightly musty self, bit of an earthy breeze from the open window I’m near but not strong.

Work in the day today and then I’m off to see Self Esteem for the first time tonight :star_struck: which I’m pretty excited about.

Also hope your sads clear up @robstation01, maybe you can get out for a bit of a walkabout at some point?


Heading into town to see if Waterstones ever ordered in the poetry book i asked for, going to pick up some yarn then home to clean a bit.

Had a research walk planned today but I’ve done so many tours this week and still have more this weekend so I’ve decided to give my feet a break instead :relieved:

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Really not feeling it today. Would quite like to sit around at home and watch shit TV but unfortunately there’s a new beer to launch and a lot of emails to respond to. Blurgh.

Morning all :wave:

Quiet day today - no visits and a nice cool 21C predicted for West Norfolk. Currently typing up visit notes with the Cate Le Bon Glasto set in the background.

Bit irked today for various reasons.

Trying to not be Irked Rob for the whole day but no guarantees

Already done two dog walks! Got some NiN on, that usually works :upside_down_face:


First day back at work after 2 weeks off. Anyone for a game of ‘guess the unread email count’ (was 0 when I left)


Just loaded the car up with junk to take to the tip.

Going to Wickes on the way back to get some bark to chuck on the flower beds.

Need to pop to Marks’s and/or Sainsbo’s later to get stuff for dinner.

1,472 - less than a dozen of them will be worth reading at this point.


Would you like me to be irked Rob instead? I had to take on the school run at short notice this morning, when I had a pile of work on and a call I needed to dial into for 9. Then after I’d logged in early to make sure I could hit the ground running when I got back, my boss popped up in an instant message asking me to host the call at 9! Irked.


Very close. A surprisingly svelte 480. Chopped down to 200 so far

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Seems like it’s a bad day to be a Rob today

Let’s strike brother

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+1 for the just-not-having-today crew.

Let’s just pack it up and try again tomorrow, eh?

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@inthedusk i finally got round to buying the necklace btw. She absolutely loves it :relaxed:


In a marvellous mood all things considered but given the tone of the thread thus far I won’t go rubbing my joie de vivre in your faces (pressed send too quickly whoopsie doodles)


Hello, I’m really happy to be home! There’s a lovely breeze! Misty is here! And lots of snacks!


feeling p decent, listening to Modest Mouse, think i’ll manage today

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Hold the bus I think something’s wrong with my cress. It’s fluffy.