Thursday 15th smarch

big rocket go now

Morning. Going for a facial/massage shortly. Drank a ton of milk stout and ate my body weight in pizza and nachos last night. I fear for the safety of everyone.

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Are there any decent, nice, places to stay in London?

Currently looking at a kings cross travelodge for 60 quid a night. Is this best I can hope for.


Alright meh_weh_teh? Gah gotta go to Ikea tonight for those sweet, sweet home furnishings :disappointed_relieved:

a premier inn hub…?

Boiler is broken. Yesterday it was working but had a minor leak and a guy came to fix it. Today it is broken. I think the repair guy broke it. Not a good thing in this lousy Smarch weather.

Hiya Jers Iros :wave:

just embrace ikea and it isn’t all that bad. but have a list and don’t just come home with random shit :confused:

actually can people help me…? Im after a mirror for the Ms_W_T (my place only has a mirror in the bathroom - tune!) about A4 size… preferably something I can put in a draw when shes not doing her hair…? is A4 big enough to do your hair in…?

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Got a cold and an ear infection and I have to spend 4 hours on a coach later, pretty sweet

sung to the tune of ‘morning has broken!!’ (sorry about your boiler woes :frowning: )


Feeling stressed out by… well, everything, tbqfhumble.

Might be seeing my old boss later today for the first time since I quit a few years ago. Might just pretend to not recognise them, because that’s the mature thing to do.

Too much to do. No time. Aargh.

Yeah, there’s one in brick lane but is slightly more expensive but might be a better place to stay.

Going with my American friend who pretty much wants do all the touristy stuff. So I dunno


Some damn fine advice but I fear we’ll be filling a car with :candle: :candle: :candle: :candle: :candle:

Re. mirrors, we bought this one from Coach House (I think?) for 30 odd sniffs (I think?). It’s quite wee.


ooh in that case im not so sure… the hub I stayed in near kings cross had a glass panel as the bathroom/toilet wall into the bedroom so if you were to share a room you’d know each other a lot better after a night there :no_mouth:

Ha nice .jpg name.

Nice strap for carrying it around too.

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Draw some clock hands on there and YEAHHHH BOIIIIII.

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You sound like my therapist.

times up. £500 pls