Thursday 15th smarch


Got nowt to do today until band practice tonight :man_shrugging: think i might lose the plot if i dont hear about some work soon. What can i do today? Any ideas?


Morning all. Drank a rake of pints watching the match last night and consequently did not have a great night’s sleep. Work might be difficult as a result.

Still, it’s payday (though rent is due) so I can afford to buy some records and maybe a bookshelf!


Still getting 2-3 hours sleep a night



Pub tonight. Feeling almost 100% better which is nice.

Got fucking loads of work to do so I’d better make a coffee :coffee:


I’m getting sick. Scratchy throat, achey joints, running nose, and my headaches have been astronomical. Went to bed at 10.15pm last night and still felt like I slept maybe 2 hours tops.


Watched a spider struggle for life and then die in my bathroom last night. Did not appear to be injured, it just expired. Was a bit sad and disturbing.


create a hip new meme that will take the world by storm.


See if you can break the world record for number of burritos eaten in an hour.


Maybe I’ll log out for the day.


Picked this hotel because it’s a mile walk from where I need to be buts it’s raining quite a bit, is it acceptable to get a taxi for one mile?

  • taxi
  • walk

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Yeah it’s got heavier now and I’m not turning up like a drowned rat - taxi is on its way.


Why do you want to put the mirror in the drawer?


where else would it go when not being used?


Still amazed by how shit some college’s websites can be.


I have lots of shit to do.

My gym class isn’t until 7pm tonight which means i’ll be hanging about in work or somewhere else until then. Might go get my eyebrows done.


On a wall?


my walls are full I think…


wow way to make room for your girlfriend


she has a drawer!