Thursday 16th May Evening


I’m not at work tonight.

I went to Edinburgh and ended up getting a Boots Meal Deal instead of eating from one of the many good restaurants or delis.

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Was trying not to have a drink till tomorrow but the weather is too good, damn this tropical Glasgow.
Yeah so having a beer and then gonna head up the road and cook some food.
I’m given myself a 2 drink limit…:thinking::innocent::+1::grinning:


I’m drinking a cider.


Good luck - we all believe there’s a moderate drinker in you somewhere.


2 bottles of wine then :wink:


Evening all! Had quite a long day of running errands and doing a few things around the house. Just taken a spicy pork shoulder out of the slow cooker and ripped it up with my special meat claws so now it’s crisping up in the oven ready to be dinner. Got some mild back to work dread going on but nothing too bad.


Cork’s nascent grime scene has a new face.

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Evening. Had a good day with the kiddo. We went for a nice walk, met a dad for coffee in the park, got bits for curry this evening and cooked her dinner. Gonna do bedtime in a sec and crack on with curry and beer

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Alright Keith? You’ve let yourself down with dinner there :confused:

Had some bolognese and if I can get of the sofa I’m going to go watch Scotland play hockey.

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I’m surprised @Lo-Pan doesn’t go after you for all the totally unjustified stick he gets :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Drinking a can of cider outside against a graffitied wall. There’s so much Glasgow in you paisan :grinning::+1:


Absolute shower of cunts, ain’t they?! :grinning::wink:


I know, but I was too late to get anything before my rally and then I was at that point where I’ll either get lost in all of the options (stared wistfully through the windows of Wahaca and Dishoom at one point) and end up having a bit of a diabetic moment, or just get some food from somewhere and regret it at my leisure.

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The best ones, though :smiley:

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The pigs of Devon must see you as some kind of God of Death.


Evening all

CW: drugs saw someone slumped on the floor outside the place where were were holding a meeting earlier. Manager from the accommodation had to rush out with a Naloxone kit :frowning: hope the poor sod is okay and gets the help he needs


I don’t slaughter them myself keith, I have a porcine assassin to do that for me.

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Evening friends :blush:
Glad I took out all of my previous anger on some cooking, got loads of easy dinners now, just plonk some salad, pasta salad, roasted veg etc in a bowl and I’ve got a summer dinner. Cracking stuff in this weather.
Also got some strawbs and a nectarine for pudding. Tell you what, top tip here mates, always sniff your punnets before you buy them


Glad you’re feeling better :grinning:


I am waiting for dEUS to play The Ideal Crash here in Utrecht. Got here a bit early though didn’t I Rodney Plonker.

Not often that I feel young at a gig these days

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