Thursday 16th May Evening


It was in 1990, so depends how old you are I guess.


aww imagine if you were a dj but your slot was at the weekend so you had to sit in your little booth on the weekend hyping up the local meat raffle whilst all your mates went out and had fun lives :’(


sadly I’m a little older than that but not much


the guy who says ‘you already lost playing this sport’ - referring to both rap and football was pretty good tbh.

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who wants to walk out with me to this music to kick @Kallgeese 's ass once and for good?


Probably not much fun all round for some of them, really. In reality I suspect it’s quite soul destroying to have to come across as really happy and enthusiastic at all times while playing the same 10 songs on repeat and constantly trying to come up with a new bit of weak banter with the person who does the travel news.

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hard for me to believe but some people in this world are just genuinely happy. Bet it’s all happy people on the radio

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can’t believe you made me like a wrestling themed post

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Remember my incredible music

Recommend Drifting Piano Lumpetty Doodle

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