Thursday 17th June thread


Not sure I’ve ever started the daily thread before.

How are you? How did you sleep? Plans for today?


Unbearably hot last night trying to sleep but that meant I was awake at 2am and watched a pretty cool thunderstorm.

I have no plans other than work and taking my husband for his Covid test before he goes back to the UK tomorrow.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Morning :blush:

Grayson Perry show later, as its Thursday and I have no wrap around care for M that’s basically all I have time for.

Was meant to be volunteering at a local food bank on Thursdays but looks like I’ll have to start next week instead.


Morning :wave:

I’m good, thanks. I’m waiting on our recruitment team for a bunch of application forms that I need to shortlist this morning, and I’m appreciating the cool breeze coming in from the window

Very well, actually. Made the (correct) call to abandon our bedroom (which is the only room on the top floor of our house and is a funnel for all of the heat) and sleep downstairs on our slightly rickety sofa-bed. No thunder here

School run, maybe a brief walk, then continuing with work for the rest of the day.

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I think I actually slept through last night, which was nice for a change.

I need to get the kittens to the vets by 9 to get vaccinated. It’s going to be fun trying to box them up, might need to start now.


Morning S_S_H &etc.

Had about 5hours sticky, sweaty sleep. First time in ages that I was actually awoken by the alarm clock rather than waking before it/the cat/kittens/kids waking me

Got the all-staff personnel day today, 3 hours of team-building & problem solving games …digitally. Or ‘lockdown festival’ as it’s being called.

I have been sent a package with mysterious items, a party hat and lots of sweets as well as some numbered envelopes to open at a given time

I usually hate this kind of thing but I’m trying to keep an open mind. Doesn’t help that the tv & both kids (plus cat & kittens) are all home today

There’s also part two of a music gear auction today. I won a bit of rock n roll/film history yesterday

Will be interesting to see if I beat @epimer to an effects pedal today

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Thursday’s child is full of chai

Morning all!

I’m interviewing prospective students at certain points today and doing an assessed meeting at 6.30. The weather looks nice and I’m planning to go to the gym for the first time since December.

We’d intended to do a Macedonian spinach pie tonight but I can’t find filo pastry sheets in the supermarket so we’re probably doing a shortcrust version (more like a quiche, I think).

I’m ok. Having my first energy drink since last Tuesday because I slept like a log and could do with a bit of assistance, plus it was an incentive to go for a walk in the rain.

Plans for today - work, sort out mixtapes (one is almost perfect, one is deeply wonky and needs serious edits), soak the big glass casserole dish and go to bed. Maybe hoover for a bit of excitement.

Best of the worst QFs still open!


Fine, tired due to getting up at 5:40am for no real reason :sleeping:

Not bad apart from aforementioned early waking.

Work, need to do a bit of bike stuff… pm isn’t feeling great and I am apparently terrible at “looking after” him so I’ve got that to deal with for the rest of the day :roll_eyes:

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Ill toddler slept solidly from midnight to 7:30 after a week of diasatrous nights. Muggins, here, woke up with a bout of hayfever-induced asthma at 5 anyway :tired_face:

Slept alright, weather in Ireland doesn’t seem as oppressively humid as others are mentioning on DiS today.

Taking the baba for her six month vaccines later, working for the day otherwise. Might try and finish off listening to my CD backlog.

Post jab 2 - slightly sore arm, but no other discernible symptoms, so that’s good

Terribly, but it was the noise of the rain on the velux window rather than the heat or humidity

Nothing exciting - I should chase up the photo shoot that got cancelled last week where they suggested we could do it “early this week” because Thursday doesn’t count as early any more

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Morning all

It rained overnight and its much fresher outside this morning which is nice, although my hayfever seems to have gone into overdrive despite that.

Had a good sleep but didn’t want to get out of bed this morning.

Have to wait in until (potentially) 5pm for the new telly to be delivered. Depending on what time it arrives, might go for a little bike ride at some point.


I quite enjoyed getting wet to and from the pub last night. Was lightening and everything.

I don’t think I slept too bad but I’m a mite hungover. Currently resisting logging into my work computer. Might be seeing my son tonight but might not for various reasons

The most exciting thing I’m likely to do today is upgrade the OS on my sampler. But it is genuinely a very exciting upgrade with lots of cool new features :sunglasses::nerd_face::crazy_face:

You know when you have a month where everything you touch at work turns to shit?

Yeah, I’m having one of those.

It’s an absolute fucking catastrophe on all my KPIs, every fucking article is falling through or being moved to the end of the month, can’t get through to any students (absolutely unbelievable that there’s no process for Comms to speak to two or three of the LITERALLY THOUSANDS OF STUDENTS), and I don’t even have any ideas to fill the gaps. Nothing at all. July will be fine but I’m having to save a load of stuff for that. Fuck, shit, fuck.

It’ll be my luck that the podcast falls through too next week, lol.

Another shite night of sleep but I’m not allowed to leave to house so at least no one can see how tired I look.

Hard relate to this. People in my team keep leaving (all for good reasons, but it’s just shit timing), there’s a fuck-tonne of work and far too many problems, everyone is knackered / burnt out from the last 15 months, and I can’t shake the dread.

EDIT: And what I don’t get is how I can wake up feeling breezy and optimistic, and then feel almost entirely opposite an hour later (even if nothing bad has happened).

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What is it you need?

If it’s student-generated stuff I could see if our journalists have/ could produce anything.