Thursday 20th December 2018

NGL, pretty stressed today. I don’t like being stressed. Fucking Christmas. Not enough fridge space.

Surely out of this world will have one? Put probably £.£

Give out the fridged beer to staff, will improve morale and free up space.

I won €9 on the Euromillions the other night! DiS Lottery Winners!


Ha ha ha, you think shops store beer in their fridges

I’ve seen it.

Just got up to make coffee for my GF and found that we’re almost out of milk. Shiiiiit.

Work Christmas party later, which is in the lobby of our organisation’s HQ. Going to go for my mandatory three free drinks and then I’ll fuck off again.

Now No-Deal Brexit Hits National Treasure M&S

(Hope you survive your day :))

It was 6.99 for a not very big one. :confused:

According to the google machine, Aldi own brand is vegan. Will go check.

Geez, that’s extortionate.
Think asda have one too.

Finding it impossible to get out of bed even though I can finish for Christmas as soon as I deliver this last job

No boss, minimal co workers, no pressing dev work.


Morning all!

We’re having a family Christmas day in the McGarnagle household today! My sister’s going to be on her own on Christmas day due to work so she and my parents are coming to mine and my wife and I are doing the full Christmas day experience.

Sister thinks we’re just going out for a meal and has no idea we’re going full on Christmas so it’ll be a nice surprise for her :grinning:


^ this

Bad case of the @Epimer s this morning :frowning:

Just me and one colleague in today, need to get my smalltalk head on somehow. My smalltalk recently has been shocking even for my standards, as in I say about two full sentences per day.

Will I make the 9o’clock train?

  • Yes
  • No

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Today will mostly be spent going to see some of my favourite clients to take them wine/fizz/whisky etc etc and chewin the fat for a bit :+1:

Dude at coffee shop stamped my entire blank card for a freebie coffee “you’re in here every day!”
Should just go home, downhill from here


M&S I was in yesterday had a fridge for beer and other appropriate to refrigerate booze… granted, this would not have afforded a particularly meaningful amount of extra space. In absence of a booze fridge, I suggest you dish out chilled deserts to the staff in a variation of @Unlucky’s plan.

Good luck :frowning: