Thursday (21/07/22 - right now that's today) Thread

Hello all.

Off to a Wedding today. Then down south tomorrow for a family holiday. So not in work for 13 days, feels pretty good. Forgot to set my out of office so might log on to do that.

Tempted to for a quick run but not sure, as ive not packed or anything yet


Get it done!

On a train heading south for a day’s work in actual London. Cunningly on the non-stop one. Well, it stopped in NCL to let me on. And am hoping it’ll stop in London as well.


Gonna pack and stuff, and run if i have time (he types still lying in bed)

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Going to have to go glue myself to the GP surgery floor because they’ve still not issued my brain pills prescription, I have two days left, the phone service doesn’t work, and I went in on Monday to try to fix this already.


It’s raining! Only drizzly stuff but still, lovely, refreshing precipitation.

Going to pop to the bakeshop and get a sausage roll for lunch.

Take the dog a walk.

Got the kitchen fitter coming round ‘between 12 and 4’ to have a look at the scale of the job for next week.

What time will he turn up…?

  • Before 12
  • 12 - 1pm
  • 1 - 2pm
  • 2 - 3pm
  • 3 - 4pm
  • After 4pm
  • Doesn’t turn up

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I’m on vacation for 3 weeks now. Off to Porto later. Can’t complain!


Ummmm, so my sore throat isn’t as sore as it has been and I feel a bit better. So that’s something. Daughter has a teddy bears picnic to mark her leaving. Then I’m going to work.


Had one of those urgent last minute department wide meetings put in for 9am this morning. Which is nice.

I think it’s to do with restructures around me rather than me directly, but still… an hour to go :expressionless:

Packing for bluedot throughout the day.

I’ve heard that Teams is down. Let’s pray for an all day outage :pray:t2:


Your teams or nationwide teams…? Cos this could be fun :confused: :rofl:

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worldwide baby


Been getting teams messages all morning

Press X in the top right this will make it ‘Down’


Lol, as if I use teams on a desktop outside of work

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Well using teams outside of work at all is your first mistake :wink:

When it’s “Rich, are you coming into work today?” Sorta obliged innit

Sadly I just logged in and teams is working fine

Looking forward to going to therapy at lunch as my therapist was away last week - got a lot to talk about man

Just did a bike ride in 81% humidity. Absolutely disgusting

I got sent an email from work at 5am telling me teams was down!

Fingers crossed it’s out until the weekend at least

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Applied for passport renewal on Sunday, sent back old one on Monday, new one out for Delivery today. Thats not what i expected.

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