Thursday 21st Dec : Evening

  • What’s for din dins?
  • You got all yer shopping sorted bruv?
  • What about ///////////////wrapping\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
  • Last day in work tomorrow innit. Feeling good? Fair? Afraid?
  • When you off home-home, you home-home yet homies?

Yeah and yeah!
Already off!

See ya later

Oh no you won’t!

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Quorn, ginger, chilli and leek stir fry in a honey/soy sauce marinade.

Dinner for one as my wife’s going for a pub meal and my son’s having pizza round his friends :cry:

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I think the standard DiS response to a free house is to imply you will spend the night masturbating to video games but I believe you will use your time more constructively, don’t let me down thewarn.

  • Lasagne
  • Almost all done. Need to pick up a lantern and 2 bottles of wine
  • Saturday night is wrapping night
  • Check yr Christmas holiday privilege
  • Sunday evening.

Just the 12hr day today. Get the joys of repeating it again tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday

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in answer to your questions:

  • :spaghetti:
  • :+1:
  • :+1:
  • :emoji representing having been off work all week:
  • :emoji representing being home already:

didn’t think this through


Absolutely! Gonna drink beer and watch anime!!!

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Chips and LindaMc burger, mozzarella version


No…need MrS to take kids out fir few hours so I can sort and wrap it all.

Finished yesterday

Home home yes. I like your repeated nouns, I do this a lot like tea-tea is real tea etc


Can i come over for tea?

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TAKE AWAY - gokyuzu obvs
Shopping done
Wrapping is 80% done
Last day at work was today!
Home home on Xmas day for a few hours, nowt major (I don’t live too far)

Other news: got a promotion at work
& still so hungover


Evening ruffers

Lasagne and garlic bread
All the main stuffs sorted but got small side presents to get
Wrapping will be done on Christmas Eve
Working from home and have a bit to do, but the nephews coming round and it’s secret Santa so :woman_shrugging:
Came home last night

Tonight = catching up on masterchef and lounging about as a tiger and maybe drinking some Baileys

merry DiSmas eve, ruffdawg!

I am officially off for christmas! woop woop etc

leftover risotto for dinner which isn’t really in keeping with the celebratory / party theme of this post so far but what can you do


Congrats @meowington :smiley: That’s fantastic :confetti_ball::champagne:

I’m having macaroni cheese, chips and garlic bread. Might be dead soon.


It’s my ma’s last day in work ever before retiring tomorrow (she turned 65 a month ago but wanted to finish the year to give plenty of notice).

I’ve already let her know if films have taught me anything tomorrow is literally the most dangerous day of her life.

P excited for her though.


Sounds amazing


Thanks my love!

You’re the real winner with that dinner :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Yaaas meow :+1:

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Play it cool but see how it goes. Could always say you’ll give your boss a ring after Christmas?

Congrats on your triple carb tea

And congrats to @meowington on the promotion!