Thursday 24th May Thread


Today I’ve ordered my replacement boxers and socks from M&S’s Aussie service.

Since @elthamsmateowen posted that link saying how you should replenish them all every year or something I like to make sure I’m good about this.


hi theo


Morning Theo and japes.
A premptive hello to everyone else.
After a week or so of insomnia I finally sleep ok last night so feel like a god this morning :smiley:
Today Ive organised for my team to redecorate a women’s domestic abuse refuge which I don’t like to talk about but is very important to me etc.
Looking forward to tonight so I can sleep like a normal person again tbh.


Morning Theo, Japes, mwt. Still in limbo and not wanting to get too involved with stuff at work as I’m about to have a month off. No movement overnight, the TV is utterly fed up now.


Morning team,

Today is my Friday as I’m aff tae London tomorrow for the weekend. :+1:
Got a fair bit to get through before I finish up.
Off now to the park with Jackson.


Moooorning :sleeping:
Got a milk frother and its revolutionised my mornings. Might start frothing everything, no one can stop me



Up early to recieve a delivery. CBA.


Morning all. Running low on fruit so got to take crisps to work to go with my sandwich.

Looks bit manky and wet out today.

That’s it.

@1101010 glad your underwear is in order, wiring came out of my bra yesterday so I’m going to need to get shopping later.


We were in the same situation and ended up with the TV having an induction. Just got to the point where she was like ‘Just get this out!’ Hope it all works out for you both.

(Morning DiS).


How far past the due date will they let it go before they induce? For us I seem to remember that it was two weeks, but that was quite some time ago.


They’ve said 12 days (BH Monday if that’s the case). But she’s got a midwife visit today, so I would reckon they’ll discuss it then.


There’s a thread in that; ‘Will It Froth?, With Your Host Kermworm!’


Morning all, got shed loads of work to do today. Heading off on holiday tomorrow, so packing for that too (a week in a motorhome with two kids and a dog; it’s going to be sleepless).


Do you wash your bras in those little bags to keep them from rattling like mad?


More IKEA stuff?


Morning all. Blah blah awake early blah blah packing. I promise from tomorrow I’ll talk about something else.


Right day for it, too.


oooh what kind? i’ve got one of the manual plunger ones and it’s great. they all laughed when i bought it but tell you what, i can make a decent cappuccino with it


John Lewis today - and they’ve already been. Now in Costa stuffing an almond croissant and huge Americano into my face.

I do not want to decorate today.

Cannot be cba arsed.


I’m amazed at how quickly you’ve got stuff sorted. We might strip the wallpaper in the lounge at the weekend. Might.