Thursday 24th May Thread

can you fuck pal! :wink:



You’ve just reminded me, I need to listen to your vocaroo. Which thread was it in?

Nana must be very open minded…

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I have a new phone. The autocorrect is all over the place , honest

ALL of Scotland? :open_mouth:

With Scotland’s full consent of course! Scotland’s pretty old right? No worries there.

I found this very helpful, thanks eps.

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Morning all. Glorious day here. Have a weird sense of anticipation today thanks to tomorrow’s vote and also going on holidays on Sunday.

Might try and get out of work early and enjoy the sun. Still not feeling 100% so can’t smash a load of beers in the park but I can enjoy a leisurely walk by the river.

No problem, it’s what I do.

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Tartan trousers are legal tender in Scotland that clan is worth about £3.


Yes yes yes

Howdy :wave:

flying home to vote this evening. I have a really narrow window in which to make my bus when I land, or I’ll be stuck in Dublin airport for three hours :grimacing:


The average monthly wage of someone in Renton I believe.

Hey crew.

Millionth cold of the year in full flow. First year of little one in nursery has been trying to kill me. Still, would rather be feeling like this on work time. Want to be better for the long weekend as I lost the last one to revision and am looking forward to some more family time after center parcs last weekend.

Needed to water mum an dad’s garden but it pissed it down last night so I might do some record shopping at lunch (paydirt, yay)

Have a top one DiS

DiS Summer Cold Crew solidarity! I feel ya F_Stacks, it’s no fun having a cold in the sun.

Will be doing some record shopping myself later to cheer myself up, great minds etc. etc.

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Yeah, but there are loads on Twickets.

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This is an interesting development.