Thursday 29th December (thread)


Woss goin on?

Short circuit 2 was on ch4 at 7:15 this morning. Bit of a waste, that.



Hows it going?
Waiting for a parcel to be delivered. Gonna watch celebrity robot wars and world’s strongest man.
Cold out.


Cold out.


Just remembered i had a dream about you last night. You were complaining that a beautiful blonde swedish woman was following you and wouldnt leave you alone :’)


Fuck. Might genuinely have got up early for that. Had a wee early morning cry at the bit where Johnny 5 goes back to help Benjamin even when he’s had the shit kicked out of him.

It’s NEW COFFEE DAY!! Going to have three of those then get a haircut. Seeing some top, top all time dogs for dinner at a Polish restaurant tonight. No other plans.


:joy: brilliant! Definitely sounds like i something I’d do.




It’s back to work (from home) day for me today but I can’t face it so I’m still in bed.


I really need a job. What can i do for a temp job til some proper work comes along?


where do you get your coffee from?


Bramble picker



This one’s shite, though :frowning:


I can hook you up with some mystery shopping and you can get paid to eat MacDonalds.


I’m in work again. Two pairs of socks today #toasty


Prefer cheese on mine, but each to their own.


Air conditioning unit installation


i’ll do it! (as long as i don’t have to eat any meat)


Oh yeah, that might be a problem…




Morning. Day 3 of what I reckon is norovirus. On my own in another country so I’m feeling sorry for myself and watching Netflix in bed. If anyone’s going to the shop could you get me a Lucozade orange please