thursday 2nd march 2023 day 📅

day time.



Today is my Friday. Off to the ol’ center parcs tomorrow. Can’t go swimming though because… I very badly cut my finger last night. 3hrs in A&E. 3 stitches. So I have a sore finger now. Exciting.

Late late shift tonight. Meeting my mum in a second for a nice morning. So yeah, not the worst day

  • work
  • hoover
  • clean bathroom
  • play with cat
  • making some veggie chilli for tea
  • probably watch a film or video games this evening

slept like shite. still. nearly the weeeekend

Glad yr okay


Morning all!

The Child was up throughout the night coughing and we’ve kept her off school because of social responsibility and that.

I’m not teaching today but I’d planned to clear all of my outstanding marking and that probably won’t happen now.

I’m going for a blood test later this morning and Wor Lass is at a craft exhibition this afternoon.

One day travelcard wanker here. Just the £131.40. Thankfully work are paying.


(Currently on the train, nearly at Waterloo)




Terrible sleep last night.

Might force myself out for a little bike ride but at the same time can’t really be cba’d. Lost the enthusiasm slightly the last couple of weeks.

Might just take doggo for a longer walk instead.

Nowt else on today really.

Also on a train. Ncl - Ldn, day of meetings. Tired and overcaffeinated. Not an ideal mix. Be reet!

Mostly decent sleep! Still feel exhausted cos I was making up for a big deficit but still, progress

Lots to do today, might at very least try to get a whole bunch of my easy to-dos ticked off to feel productive

Today is my friday

Day 3 of the redoing the bathroom. Builder turned up at 8 on the dot again. I started work at 8 too, so I’ve done an hour already, will try and finish at 4:30 but I didn’t yesterday.

I didn’t have the greatest nights sleep though as I’m getting up earlier than normal I’m pretty shattered.

Gym again later and then the pub I think.

Permanently on dark mode now because the lack of contrast on the highlight for new likes is too annoying otherwise

My boss wants us in the office more, and it’s a strike day so there would be a house full of children, so I’m in sunny Surrey for the second time this week. I had a good old singalong to Different Class in the car on the way in, and it was perfect blue skies, which put me in a good mood.

Then I tried to log in and my laptop just had a blank screen for about fifteen minutes, which rather took the shine off things

Was up at 4:30 this morn to get my flight to london. Fuck knows why I got that flight, one a couple of hours later would have been fine :thinking:

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I can’t wait for the @colon_closed_bracket daylight update to see if the Beer Factory hits 11 hours of sunlight today (I think Brighton reaches it tomorrow)

Just done the “call car insurer to haggle down a ridiculously inflated renewal quote to something that’s still a piss-take but small enough to be worth paying to avoid the hassle of switching providers” dance. That’s angried up the blood good and proper.

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Happy Thursday all. Seeing They Hate Change tonight - my first gig in a month or so. Looking forward to it.


on their own? i know they’re supporting Shame on their tour (which clashes with Young Fathers tomorrow for me, annoyingly)

Headline show, I didn’t realise they were supporting Shame. That’s an interesting fit. At least Young Fathers should be a good one!

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Yeah hyped for YF given the rave reviews they’re getting on here. But a bit annoyed that just this month I’m missing two great support/headliner combos (THC and Shame, Momma and Alex G) - makes the tickets feel like such better value

Hangover of the year 2023 goes to fucking stupid Rob!