thursday 2nd march 2023 day 📅


Can I ask you a technical question about this breakfast please?


Would you say that by placing the butter atop the toast, it warmed a little leading to easier spreading than when it’s simply placed by the side, often straight from the fridge?


Yes, it was nicely malleable from the low heat of the toast, instead of like spreading concrete, ripping to toast to shreds


That’s what I thought. A simple yet revolutionary development. Thank you.


Went for my bike. Resisted the urge to swing by the bakery for a sweet treat or a nice sos roll for lunch. Now I’m home, I’m regretting that.


Pulled neck muscles are a bit better today.

Shaken by reports that tram Taylor Swift has left her post. I will be able to confirm when I travel in this afternoon for an infuriating 3 to 5 visit to a local Uni.

My travel in time has gone further and further back due to cancellations, so that is now all I’m going in for.

They do it at Roedean cafe that overlooks the marina which is where I normally go for a fry up - it’s good if it just softens the butter, but if it’s been left there too long it turns to liquid and can’t be spread

Can just be poured in that scenario though surely? Possibly spread out using the back of a teaspoon.

A steadier hand than mine might be able to do that but it just seems to end up a concentrated spot - that’s if it hasn’t already leaked out of a corner of the pack onto the toast already.

First thing to do when your plate arrives is move the butter off the toast to stop this eventuality

Oh yeah you need to be spreading as early as possible for sure. I hope to one day encounter this setup.

This is now the breakfast engineering thread.


I often put mine next to the hot drink I’m enjoying for the same effect.

I don’t think I’d considered just using the toast.

I don’t have hot drinks with hot meals for spiritual reasons but if I did then I’d do this too.

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I’m on strike and at home so getting a nice insight into what the kittens do when we’re at work. Turns out they enjoy batting the lamps/strings on the blinds/each other and repeatedly climbing and launching themselves from the chair/sofa/table/shelf/bookcase/TV etc

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2nd March is a date that always sticks in my head as Bloc Party played the Concorde 2 on this date in 2006 and my 15 year old self was so excited and counting down to it at the time. WEIRD!

I’ve been to a dance class with my baby this morning :mirror_ball: and bought my favourite cookie. Now we are both napping on the sofa before another class this afternoon. Having a nice day :cookie:


can’t believe I didn’t see BP until like 2010, I’d have been stupidly hyped up to see them in 06!

Unexpectedly wholesome graffiti for round here


Saw them in 2007. They were shite

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