Thursday 3rd Dec

Morning all!

I’ve been awake since 5.55.

Not sure why.

I’m going to have toast with biscuit spread for breakfast. I think my class this morning will be harder work than I wanted it to be.

Please document your breakfast and any additional plans for the day.


Toasted tea cake for breakfast with a coffee

Run, work, existence.



Having a coffee, then breakfast with either be yogurt and fruit, or porridge.

Gonna read my book until logging on at approximately 8:50am.

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This is an early nomination for Breakfast Of The Day.


Looking forward to @Dawnwalker day tomorrow

*rubs hands together*

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I replaced my ageing Brooks Ghost 12s trainers today. 868km on them according to Strava. Have bought some Ghost 13s. First run tomorrow I hope.

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The boy’s had a Bounty two days in a row in the advent calendar and it’s all kicking off.


Not a cause for celebrations?


Kettle has broken which is a nightmare.

Marmite toast and a coffee for breakfast.

Need to plan getting a new kettle in amongst a full day’s work plus trying to teach a 7 y o who is now off for a fortnight as one of his class tested positive…

barely slept cos my boiler was making horrible noises all night

Mornall. It’s snowing, innit


Greetings from Hoogy HQ


I’ll be here all day, every day


Properly craving marmite. Might just spoon it into my face unadorned.

I’ve woken up with this rattling around my head:

I’m not complaining - it’s a banger.

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Mug of tea.

Call out an engineer, as the heating is not working.

Not got any breakfast stuff in and it looks freezing outside :sob::sob::sob:

Will probably go for a nice lunch somewhere see some friends, couple of pints, head to a gig and then finish at a club…or in the real world sit on my laptop until 5pm then watch tv and go to bed


Didn’t get to sleep until 3. So yeah, today can do one. Got a shitty visit at work today too. Cba lads, cba

Another vote for not sure why I’m awake

Breakfast will be porridge

Imagine how quiet the life of a heating engineer is during the summer months.

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It is very cold

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I guess weetabix or porridge. Have ome nice cinnamon date butter. Let’s pretend I’m having that in my porridge but I’ll probably just have weetabix.